Singaporeans Upset At BBC For Naming Their Gold Medallist "Joseph Schooling Of Malaysia"

On the plus side, Malaysians thought it was funny.

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Singaporeans were a little miffed at BBC when the English broadcaster mistakenly labelled gold medallist Joseph Schooling as a Malaysian in a Rio Olympics video released yesterday

According to NST - who first spotted the boo-boo - many were quick to comment on the blunder, especially Singaporeans and even UK viewers. Malaysians, however, were pretty amused by it.

One of the comments, from a Victoria Murphy, said, "Hmmmmm. I think you will find Schooling is from Singapore and not Malaysia. Disappointed BBC, this is huge news for them. First ever gold medal in the Olympics, rather important to them. Hope they don't see that you said he was from Malaysia."

Well, too late. Singaporeans have already seen the video and are definitely aware of the gaffe. One Singaporean wrote, "Yes, Schooling is from our tiny island, Singapore. And please don't rub it in to Malaysia, who has not gotten gold yet despite 4 silvers... And to think they were part of your empire..."

On the plus side, Malaysians found it funny. Acknowledging the mistake, one Malaysian wrote, "Schooling is not from Malaysia... Although I wish he was. Lol."

Fortunately, BBC were quick to catch on the uproar and had uploaded an amended version - with Schooling now rightly labelled as a Singaporean - within an hour after posting the first video

BBC's video chronicles key moments in the recently ended 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, including the selfie between gymnasts from North and South Korea, Michael Phelps smashing a 2,000-year-old record, and the mysterious green diving pools

You can watch it here:

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Posted by BBC News on Monday, 22 August 2016

Malaysia's sporting moments may not have been included in BBC's video, but we know better:

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