7 Unforgettable Moments In The Rio Olympics That United Us As Malaysians

Sports brought all of us together.

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1. When Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong secured our FIRST medal at the Games

We were off to a great start at the Rio Games when divers Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong secured Malaysia's first medal at the Games with a silver medal in the women's 10m platform synchronised diving on Tuesday, 9 August.

Since it's the first medal for the country, Malaysians were ecstatic!

2. When Goh Liu Ying-Chan Peng Soon became the first Malaysian mixed doubles pair to reach the Olympic finals

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The world no. 11 pair defeated China's Xu Chen-Ma Jin in the semi-finals, with an impressive straight set of 21-12, 21-19.

We still can’t believe that we are in the final. We had dreamed of this but to have actually done it is an amazing feeling," said Goh.

Then men’s doubles sprang a double surprise, beating the Chinese in a nail-biting semi-finals match

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V Shem-Wee Kiong took 64 minutes to record the win and become the third Malaysian pair to reach the Olympic final after Cheah Soon Kit-Yap Kim Hock in Atlanta in 1996!

That’s when we all got a wake-up call that we could really be bringing a couple of medals back!

3. When Chong Wei finally, FINALLY overcame his long-time rival Lin Dan

In an epic semi-final showdown in Rio de Janeiro, a determined Lee Chong Wei fought back after losing the first set to Lin Dan. Lee Chong Wei made a strong comeback in the second set, winning it with a strong score of 21-11.

While Lin Dan tried to step up his game in the final set, Lee Chong showed utter grit and won the match in style.

The epic showdown had Malaysians at the edge of their seats and when LCW won... EVERYONE WENT CRAZY!

Let's not forget the hilarious memes and puns that were inspired from the match! Malaysians are a bunch of creative geniuses, 'nuff said.

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Give yourselves a pat in the back, fellow Malaysians!

4. When the mixed doubles pair gave their all in the finals

The national doubles pair lost to the Indonesian pair, Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir in the match that lasted 45 minutes. But it was a true display of heart and perseverance.

Soon after, encouragements and well wishes directed at the pair poured in like a flood.

Proud of them, congratulation #gohliuyingchangpengsoon

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5. When everyone was rooting for the men's doubles team, hoping for that first gold medal

The pair put on a stunning fight against the Chinese and emerged as the silver medalists. What's even more impressive is that, the underdogs defied their 12th world ranking to land in the finals, and today, V Shem and Wee Kiong can stand tall and proud of their outstanding achievements!

For their true display of grit and passion, Malaysians can't help but to fill social media channels with praises and encouragement for Goh and Tan

6. When Azizulhasni Awang a.k.a 'PocketRocket' took home the country's first cycling Olympics medal

The Terengganu native made history on the Rio Velodrome as the 28-year-old won Malaysia's first ever Olympic Games cycling medal by finishing third in the men's Keirin final.

His historic win got everyone excited and in usual fashion, the kind words just can't stop rolling in

7. When our hearts broke for Chong Wei after his defeat to Chen Long in the finals

The nation shuttler's dream to win gold in the Olympics were shattered after he lost to China's Chen Long in Men's Singles finals. The game ended 18-21, 18-21.

After the defeat, he was apologetic and regretted that he failed to deliver gold to Malaysians.

“I’m really sorry to disappoint them. I tried my best, but I’ve got to accept that Chen Long played better than me," he said.

United in spirit and their passion for the sport, Malaysians showed support to Chong Wei who was carrying the burden of over 30 million people on his shoulders

It has been quite a ride, eh? A job well done to our Olympians! We couldn't be more proud of your achievements and THANK YOU for bringing the nation together. :)

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Now, onward to Tokyo 2020!

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