This Malaysian Is Now The Best Dota 2 Player In Europe

Back in 2016, he also became the first Southeast Asian player to hit 8,000 match-making rating (MMR).

Cover image via MidOne's Facebook page

Malaysian esports athlete Zheng Yeik Nai, also known as "MidOne" in the professional gaming circuit, has been ranked as the best Dota 2 player in Europe

Zheng Yeik Nai a.k.a Midone.

Image via MidOne's Facebook page

Zheng, who's currently a member of Team Secret, has a match-making rating (MMR) of 9,155, which grants him the top spot at the World Leaderboards

At the time of writing, Zheng stands above Amer Barkawi (Miracle-) from Jordan who has 9,148 MMR in his bag. Coming in third place is Forev from South Korea with 9,003 MMR.

The Dota 2 leaderboard lists the top players in each region and is updated daily.

Zheng previously played for Team Fnatic, which won RM5.6 million in last year's The International Dota 2 tournament

Team Fnatic in 2016.

Image via Fnatic's Facebook page

The Perak native abruptly left Fnatic after the competition before joining Team Secret, an esports team based in Europe.

Back in April 2016, he became the first Southeast Asian player to hit 8,000 MMR.

Congrats, Zheng "MidOne" Yeik Nai! :D

Image via Giphy

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