[VIDEO] Malaysian Student's Splendid Futsal Goal Attracts FIFA's Attention

The video has since gone viral with almost a million views.

Cover image via Twitter @@d_nurfadilah & @FIFAWWC

A video of a female student in Malaysia scoring an impressive goal during a futsal match has caught the attention of FIFA, the highest governing body of football

Nur Fadilah, the player who scored the goal, posted the video on her Twitter account on 30 November.

The video has since gone viral with almost a million views.

In the nine second clip, one of the players can be seen trying to score a goal, but was defended by the goalkeeper

The ball rebounded from the keeper, allowing Fadilah to get a hold of it

However, instead of kicking it straight into the net, she chips the ball so high up that it ricocheted off the basketball backboard and fell cleanly into the hoop.

This truly remarkable goal even took Fadilah by surprise.

"Today is in history. My first time scoring a goal like this, the best I’ve ever scored," she wrote in her Tweet.

The students, reportedly from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), couldn't help but to burst out laughing before continuing the match

Watch the full video below:

While Fadilah's unorthodox goal did not win any official awards, it certainly impressed thousands of netizens, including the FIFA Women’s World Cup Twitter account

The account tweeted to say that one of their followers submitted Fadilah's video, asking the FIFA committee to consider making it the "Goal-of-the-Year," as it was unlikely anyone will be able to recreate such a feat.

At the time of writing, FIFA's tweet had been retweeted over 14,000 times with thousands of netizens cheering the student.

Although FIFA did not confirm Fadilah's goal nomination, she still managed to receive recognition from one of the best players in women's football

Hope Solo, World Cup winner and two-time Olympic gold medalist for the American team, praised Fadilah for her efforts.

"Tricky approach in front of goal. I couldn’t have stopped that!" Solo tweeted.

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