Watch YouTubers Make A 'Dam' Ridiculous Shot Even Michael Jordan Would Be Jealous Of

Nothing but net.

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So, Michael Jordan is without a doubt the best basketball player in history lah. Nope, not Kobe and definitely not James. Ok, maybe Kobe (I am just biased)...

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BUT EVEN SO, we think that even MJ himself wouldn't be able to pull off a shot as crazy as this...

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How crazy? How about 415-foot (126.5m) crazy?

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Nope, we're not joking, MJ. Introducing, 'How Ridiculous', a group of trick-shot Youtubers from Australia.

You'll find out why they would choose a ridiculous group name like that soon...

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The group, consisting of Scott, Kyle, Brett and Derek are known for their outrageous basketball shots

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They have already broken the record for the highest basketball shot made three times - the last one was from the EuroMast Tower in Netherlands. The shot took 98 attempts.

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After first securing the Guinness World Record for highest altitude basketball shot in 2011, the group then broke it again form the top of the EuroMast observation tower in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The 98 metre shot took 62 attempts in the Netherlands.

Ridiculous uh? Well, they smashed that record by downing a shot all the way from the top of a dam that is 126.5m height. That's probably the same height as a 35-storey building!

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Brett, one of the better shooters of the team was the one who shoot the money winning hoop

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Brett Stanford of Australia's How Ridiculous trick shot team flung a ball off the Gordon Dam in Tasmania and had it land in the net... 415 feet below.

The shot was much harder compared to the rest because of the unpredictable Tasmanian weather. But the ball eventually went through the hoop with a swoosh. The boys didn't state how many attempts they took.

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They were obviously ecstatic having set a new Guinness World Record

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Another look at the awesome shot! Look at how the ball curved before going through the net. This better be more than three points...

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We wonder where How Ridiculous will head to next. From their Youtube video description, the guys sound like they're climbing greater heights...

"Next stop: The Burj Al Arab Helicopter Pad? Or the Burj Khalifa?"

Watch the full video below, GET READY TO BE BLOWN AWAY:

Speaking of breaking records, this lady currently holds the record for being the oldest person to finish a marathon:

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