23-Year-Old M'sian Left Partially Paralysed By Accident Finds A Career In E-Sports

Muhammad Azali Abdul Hamid is able to make about RM400 a month by streaming video games.

Cover image via Otai JOHOR (Facebook)

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A partially paralysed Malaysian who has found a career in streaming online games has gone viral and inspired thousands of netizens

According to Utusan Malaysia, 23-year-old Muhammad Azali Abdul Hamid started making money in e-sports earlier this year.

He is partially paralysed due to a road accident in 2017. He became active in playing video games after his family bought him a computer two years ago.

Muhammad Azali said although he is not able to move and can only lay in bed, the Internet is able to link him to the outside world.

"I am partially paralysed from the waist down, so the Internet connects me to the outside world, especially friends," he told the Malay daily when they met in Selama, Perak.

"The virtual world also gives me an income through online video games. Through it, I can generate an income of about RM400 a month."

"Due to paralysis, this is the only way I can make money. Even though it is not much, at least I try."

Muhammad Azali said he receives RM500 a month from the Social Welfare Department (JKM).

E-sports enables him to make an extra income to support himself.

"The money generated from playing video games can also help my daily expenses," he said.

However, Muhammad Azali is upset that the Internet connection in his area is not very good.

He hopes that the government will pay attention to the problem in the interest of the residents, especially students who attend home-based teaching and learning (PdPR) classes.

"I do not want to ask for sympathy due to my condition but it is important for the relevant parties to upgrade Internet access in this area," the 23-year-old lamented.

"I believe it is not only me who is facing the problem but also the residents of this village. I pity the students who have to attend PdPR classes."

It is learnt that he has to rely on his mobile network to stream his games. His area in Sungai Malau, Kubu Gajah does not have services from either Streamyx or unifi.

On his Facebook page where he posts his gaming streams, Muhammad Azali has 6,300 followers

He often plays first-person shooter game Rust and open-world game Grand Theft Auto V. He streams two to four hours every time he comes online.

On the 'About' tab on his page, it contains his bank account numbers for anyone who would like to contribute money to support his channel.

You can follow Muhammad Azali on his Facebook page here.

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