Hong Kong Govt Issues Warning For 5 Extension Cords Commonly Sold In Malaysia

These five models pose a fire hazard as they may overheat easily.

Cover image via Hong Kong Gov

The public has been urged to stop using five extension cord models as they pose a fire hazard

Hong Kong's Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) issued a statement on Wednesday, 10 April, stating that the five extension units do not comply with relevant safety requirements, particularly due to their thin wires which may overheat easily.

These units are sold online in Malaysia, due to similar electrical standards as Hong Kong.

Here are the five models of extension cords to avoid using:

1. Remax - Model: RU-S4

Image via Hong Kong Gov

2. LDNIO - Model: SC3301

Image via Hong Kong Gov

3. LDNIO - Model: SC3604

Image via Hong Kong Gov

4. Unbranded - Model: ZGN-T06

Image via Hong Kong Gov

5. Unbranded - Model: ZGN-T08

Image via Hong Kong Gov

In addition, the LDNIO and unbranded extension cords do not have the necessary fuse according to safety regulations

To check if an extension unit is safe to use, EMSD reminded the public to purchase extension units which comply with the British Standard (BS 1363), and have cords which measure at least 1.25 square millimetres.

The information may look like the example below:

Image via Hong Kong Gov

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