Report Says Celcom Has Best 4G Availability But Maxis Is Better When It Comes To Downloads

Opensignal recently released its 'Mobile Network Experience Report' for April 2019.

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Mobile analytics company Opensignal recently released its fifth 'Mobile Network Experience Report' for Malaysia - and the findings are definitely interesting

Opensignal is also known internationally as the independent global standard for analysing consumer mobile experience.

The data was collected over a period of three months, from 1 December to 28 February.

Drawing from its active user base in Malaysia, the report involved 744,691 devices.

Here are five key highlights from the report:

1. Maxis and Celcom tie as the best network operators in Malaysia

Image via OpenSignal Inc.

In Opensignal's 'Mobile Experience Awards', both network operators received two awards each and tied in one category. 

Maxis was found to have the best download speed experience and latency experience, while Celcom had the best 4G availability and upload speed experience.

Both telcos tied for best video experience, which calculates picture quality, video loading time, and stall rate.

2. However, video experience in Malaysia could be better improved

The two telcos received a "Good" rating, which according to the report, simply means "users do experience waiting time before a video begins playing and interruptions in playback, low-resolution video streaming is generally consistent".

It should be noted that in Opensignal's 'State of Mobile Video' report, which was released in September, Malaysia had placed in the "Fair" category - below neighbours Thailand and Vietnam.

3. Malaysia's 4G availability is better, but growth is slow

Image via Opensignal Inc.

"The scores from Malaysia's leaders in this category were relatively flat now that they've exceeded the 80% mark," wrote Kevin Fitchard in the report.

He added, "Celcom won our 4G Availability award as it was able to supply an LTE connection to our users 86.8% of the time." The other operators measures were Maxis, DiGi, U Mobile, and Unifi.

Although U Mobile placed last in 4G availability, it had seen significant progress in the last six months.

4. For those in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, Yes offers the best 4G availability

"In those two markets, regional 4G operator Yes won our 4G Availability awards with scores above 95%, which represents an exceptional level of LTE access," the report said.

5. Ipoh also stood out among 11 cities analysed for having the best upload and download speed experience across the board

The report said that "nearly every single operator" in Ipoh "exceeded their national averages in both [Opensignal's] Download Speed and Upload Speed Experience metrics".

Ipoh is also one of only three cities where Opensignal recorded an individual Download Speed Experience score greater than 20 Mbps.

Find the full report here.

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