6 Quick Facts You Need To Know About The New HTC One M9

HTC has debuted it's successor to the HTC One M8, the M9. What's new with this phone? Find out here.

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1. It has a brand new 20 Megapixel camera on the back and a 4 UltraPixel camera on the front

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The One M9 comes with a 20 megapixel sensor with a sapphire glass lens to protect against micro scratching, which it needs because the lens does protrude from the back a bit. The 4 UltraPixel sensor, which is HTC's in house imaging hardware that was on the back of previous HTC Ones, is now on the front. The thinking is HTC's UltraPixels will be better because of its improved ability in lowlight. Also at an arm's length, you won't be needing too many pixels anyways.

2. It has a faster processor

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The spec sheet sees a number of incremental bumps. Qualcomm's octa-core Snapdragon 810 CPU is doing the heavy lifting here, supported by 3GB of RAM, and the M9 also sees the welcome addition of Android 5.0 Lollipop, although the presence of HTC's Sense skin means users won't see such a dramatic aesthetic change between 4.4 and 5.0.

3. The battery life has been given a slight boost

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The battery capacity has also been bumped up from 2,600mAh to 2,840mAh, which, when combined with the new Snapdragon, will hopefully see the M9 last a full day with ease.

4. The M9 looks almost the same as its predecessor, the M8

The iPhone on the left for comparison together with the HTC One M8 in the centre and the HTC One M9 on the right.

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On the surface, the One M9 is difficult to distinguish from the One M8 preceding it. The display’s 1080p resolution and 5-inch size haven’t changed, and neither have the BoomSound speaker grilles that surround it. The brushed aluminum case also looks thoroughly familiar, which is quite intentional from HTC. The Taiwanese company wants to "build an icon" around an instantly recognizable and widely appreciated design, the same way that Porsche and Volkswagen have done with their cars.

5. The phone will come with Android's latest Operating System, Lollipop

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The new One M9 will, of course, ship with HTC's Lollipop-influenced Sense 7 UI.

6. Theming is big on the M9, where users can change the look of their device whenever they want

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The other major addition is a theme store. Sense had theme support for a while, but now there's a central, HTC-run repository of all these apps for users to browse. Users can follow their favorite theme creators and be notified of updates and new designs in order to change the look of their device whenever they want.

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