Apple Fires Engineer After Daughter Posts Hands-On Video Of The iPhone X Before Its Launch

Gotta do it all for the YouTube views right?

Cover image via Brooke Amelia Peterson

There's a reason why Apple is so good at keeping secrets.

The tech giant has reportedly fired one of its engineers after his teenage daughter leaked details about the upcoming iPhone X on her YouTube channel.

Brooke Amelia Peterson, a US vlogger, posted footage of her trying out the yet-to-be-released iPhone X when she visited her father at the Apple campus in Cupertino.

According to Peterson, her father was an engineer working on radio communications and Apple Pay features for the device.

The video went viral and was promptly covered by many tech sites. Peterson said Apple asked her to take it down and she did, but it was too late.

In a follow-up video posted over the weekend, Peterson claimed that her father had been let go from Apple due to breaking a number of company rules

While the video itself may have seemed like an innocent hands-on, it included footage of the iPhone X with special employee-only QR codes. Apart from that, The Verge said a Notes app was also shown in the video, which appeared to include codenames of unreleased Apple products.

Filming on Apple's campus without permission is also a big no-no.

Peterson said her father had apologised for the video and took responsibility for breaking Apple’s rules regarding filming on the Apple campus

"At the end of the day, when you work for Apple it doesn't matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule you've gotta go," the sudden YouTube star said while withholding tears.

She went on to explain that she made the video for fun because she liked making YouTube videos. She also said that she didn’t realize she was breaking any rules.

"I'm not mad at Apple. I'm not going to stop buying Apple products."

Despite her father's dismissal from the company, Peterson added that she will continue to buy Apple products and the family will be "alright".

Apple has not commented publicly about the alleged firing.

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