Instagram's New "Block" Feature Could Be A Real Life Saver In These 5 Situations

Pretty useful.

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Instagram recently announced that they are testing out a new feature which allows public accounts to remove followers without them knowing

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Now if you have a public Instagram account, there's no way you can control who sees your feed, while private account users have long been allowed to be picky about their followers. 

But why can't you just block those people, you ask? For those moments when you can't deal with the awkwardness of them finding out they were blocked, this feature allows you to sneakily get away with it without offending anyone.

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Here are some scenarios when this update will probably come in handy:

1. When you have that kepoh aunty who always wants to keep tabs on your life

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2. When you say "Let's catch up soon!" to friends but don't mean it and you don't want them to terasa seeing you make effort with other people

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3. When your boss follows you and it's kinda awkward to face them at work after they've seen your weird Instastories

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4. When you have that old high school friend who always compares his or her life to yours

Please. leave. me. alone.

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5. When your ex's friends keep following you and you ain't about that life anymore

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And when you don't wanna unfollow someone but also don't wanna see their posts on your feed, there's the 'Mute' feature

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By clicking the Mute button on someone's profile, the feature allows you to continue following them without seeing their posts appear all over your feed.

In other words, you can still maintain a real life relationship with that relative who posts 14 times a day.

The best part is, you can also Unmute them whenever you feel like it again.

What do you think of Instagram's new features? Let us know in the comments section below!

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