Unifi’s RM79 Basic Plan Is Now Open For Pre-Orders. Here’s How You Can Apply

If you want it, prove it.

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TM's economical broadband plan, Unifi Basic, is now accepting pre-orders

Its website went live on 15 July, accompanied with details on sign-up eligibility and other important FAQs.

The plan will be available from 1 August 2018 onwards.

The RM79/month plan comes with 30Mbps paired with 60GB quota, which when depleted will be throttled to 128Kbps.

As previously announced, only those with household earnings under RM4,500 are eligible for the plan, an implementation that's in line with the government's hope to provide Internet access for all

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As proof, you're required to produce supporting documents such as a verified salary slip, documents verified by local authorities, or a copy of your BR1M acceptance letter. Each IC number is only eligible for one Unifi Basic Plan.

You also need to be a Malaysian citizen above the age of 18. 

Despite being labelled as a "data-only" plan, Unifi Basic is also offering calls at RM0.20/minute and 17 free channels on [email protected]

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But the plan is not bundled together with a phone, so you need to get your own.

Another important thing to note is that the plan is tied down to a 24-month contract, so early termination will result in a penalty fee

One last thing, you obviously need to be within Unifi coverage areas to use the package.

For more info, you can head over to Unifi Basic's website here.

The plan and upgrades provided by TM has caught the attention of rival Internet service provider, TIME, who posted this note of "congratulations" last week:

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