Boy Cracked His Parents' Fingerprint-Locked WeChat Pay And Stole RM46,500 For Mobile Games

He did it over the span of 20 days.

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A 13-year-old boy in Xi An, China, took RMB77,193 (approximately RM46,500) from his parents through WeChat Pay to pay for items in four mobile games

The boy demonstrating his items for a mobile game.

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According to, the boy transferred money to himself over 20 days in October using his parents' phones, before deleting transaction history from the app. 

The boy's father, who only found out about the transactions after checking his bank account, did not understand how his son did it without using his fingerprints to approve the payments

"WeChat Pay requires either my fingerprints or passcode, my son couldn't have known them," the boy's father said. 

After grilling the boy for answers, he finally discovered his son's elaborate plan to get money for mobile game items. 

The 13-year-old had stumbled upon a video tutorial on hacking Apple Pay, and decided to try his luck with his parents' WeChat Pay

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Claiming that he needed his father's phone to take pictures of his homework on multiple occasions, the boy followed the tutorial and managed to save his own fingerprint in WeChat Pay. 

In the following weeks, the boy proceeded to steal from his parents' accounts for gains in his mobile games.

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The boy eventually apologised to his parents

Moreover, two of the four mobile games have agreed to refund the family's money upon contact by 

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