5 Smartphone Charging Cables You Can Buy In 2018 To Replace Your Broken Ones

Some alternatives for those who are looking to buy a new charging cable without spending too much money on the ones from branded phone manufacturers.

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1. Pineng PN-303 USB cable

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If you do not want to spend too much on a phone accessory, you can consider the Pineng PN-303 data and charging cable with Micro USB as the connector.

With four different colours to choose from at the price of RM4 each, it is an inexpensive option for those looking for a replacement or to keep as a spare.

The product listing on Shopee has received a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, with more than 8,000 customers leaving mostly positive reviews.

2. Golf GC-46 USB cable

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Packaged in a tube, the Golf GC-46 is a product of Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Golf & Feihuang Technology Co. Ltd, a company which has been manufacturing power banks and cables since 2010.

With compatible devices and chargers, the cable is able to support up to 2.4A output for fast charging.

The Golf GC-46 has three connector options — Micro USB, USB-C, and lightning— which will each cost between RM5.90 to RM6.90 on Shopee depending on the type of cable. The Golf Authorised Store is also offering a 30-day warranty for the product.

3. LDNIO LS17 USB cable

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The LDNIO LS17 USB data cable is a product by LDNIO, a Chinese company that focuses on the research and development of chargers and mobile phone-related digital accessories.

The two-metre USB cable has the dual capability of transferring data and powering up your device. The lightning cable variant for iOS devices is also available.

Each cable is available for RM10 on Shopee. A two-month warranty is also provided by the LDNIO authorised seller.

4. LDNIO LS26 USB cable

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The LDNIO LS26 is another offering from LDNIO, although it is shorter (one metre in length) compared to the other model that is featured in this article.

It is a fast charging cable, so it should take less time to get your device fully pumped up.

The flat and elastic cable is made of thermoplastic rubber or elastomer (TPE) wire rod for anti winding and anti cracking features.

It is available for RM12 each on the LDNIO authorised seller on Shopee, with two months warranty provided.

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Reviewers have praised Anker PowerLine Micro USB for durability and offering the fastest possible charge speed.

It is one of those cables that are made to last and stronger than conventional cables as its construction is reinforced using bulletproof aramid fibre.

It comes in five colours and you can purchase it from the official from the official Anker Store on Shopee for RM39 each.

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