This Affordable Prepaid Plan Is Perfect For Broke Students Who Want Unlimited Internet

Get unlimited Internet from only RM12 per week!

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It's so susah to save money when you're a student, kan? #brokestudentlife :(

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If you're in college or uni, you'll know how real the struggle is. Got sooooo many things to pay for. Food lah, parking lah, class materials lah... it's endless!

And even if you're still in school, it can still be susah to do everything you wanna do within your allowance.

The last thing you want is to pay for yet another thing, but there are some things that we just can't live without, like mobile Internet

From doing homework and researching for assignments to keeping in touch with your friends, you're gonna need enough Internet to do it all.

And with the new normal, having a good plan that gives you enough Internet is even more important, so that you can attend online classes or have online discussions with your classmates.

If you're looking for an affordable, budget-friendly plan that still gives you everything you need, check out Celcom Xpax's Truly Unlimited Prepaid Internet Passes

For only RM12/weekly or RM35/monthly, you'll get UNLIMITED calls to all networks and UNLIMITED Internet at 3Mbps, yaaaas! Like this baru lah ons!

Now you can do everything you want and need without having to worry about running out of Internet or having to pay extra for more Internet and call time

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Go ahead and video call your friends all day long, y'all can membawang for hours and hours, hehe. Need to do some research for a project? Buat je!

You can even stream Spotify to your heart's content while you study, and when you're in the mood to lepak and unwind, just binge-watch all the YouTube and Netflix you want.

Best of all, you get to do it all on Malaysia's widest network, so forget about all those coverage woes.

Whatcha waiting for? Sign up for Celcom Xpax Truly Unlimited now!

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