CelcomDigi's Postpaid 5G Plan Offers Unlimited 4G & 5G, Free Home Fibre & RM1 5G Phones

Enjoy special monthly rebates up to RM50 when you sign up for the CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G plan today.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by CelcomDigi.

Thinking of levelling up your Internet experience? Look no further than CelcomDigi's newest Postpaid 5G plan, which is an all-in-one mobile and home fibre plan that offers everything to fulfil your Internet needs.

Image via CelcomDigi

CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G comes with unlimited 5G and 4G Internet, free home fibre connection with a speed of 300mbps, 50% discount on supplementary lines and roaming pass and existing CelcomDigi customers enjoy a RM50 monthly rebate. Pretty worth it, right?

Plus, you can also purchase the latest 5G smartphones from just RM1 per month, wah! It's truly a postpaid plan with plenty of benefits and savings.

Originally priced at RM260/month, CelcomDigi is now offering an exclusive offer of RM201/month, so you can enjoy unlimited 5G and 4G Internet and ultra fast home fibre connection anytime, anywhere, while being able to save more money in the long run

Image via CelcomDigi

Plus, you'll be able to enjoy a RM10 rebate whenever you opt for any add-ons.

Here's a look at the full benefits of the CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G 260 plan:
- Enjoy unlimited 4G/5G Internet
- Additional RM50/month lifetime rebate for existing CelcomDigi customers
- Get 50% off family or gadget SIM, up to 6 lines
- Receive 50% off for unlimited 5G roaming pass worldwide
- Free 300Mbps home fibre Internet
- Receive a RM10 rebate with any add-ons for SIM
- Get the latest 5G smartphones from RM1 per month
- Enjoy unlimited calls

From being able to download 4K movies in seconds, to experiencing uninterrupted, real-time video calls wherever you are, and enjoying a more reliable coverage with a massive network capacity, you can do so much more with the CelcomDigi 5G Postpaid plan.

The best part? If you're an existing Celcom or Digi customer, you get RM50/month lifetime rebate!

Yep, all existing Celcom or Digi customers can enjoy a RM50 lifetime monthly rebate for the CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G plan, whoaaa.

Plus, if you already have supplementary lines, you will be able to enjoy the supplementary line discount right away on your current bill cycle. Nice lahhh. 

Need more options? CelcomDigi also offers a variety of other Postpaid 5G plans to cater to every individual's needs.

Their Postpaid 5G plans start from RM70 per month. You can check out their website for more info. 

Don't miss out on enjoying ultra fast and unlimited 5G Internet with CelcomDigi. Head over to their website for more info!

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