ChatGPT's 'Make It More' Trend Pushes Dall-E's Image Generation To The Limit

It's amazing what a strongly-worded prompt laden with adjectives can do.

Cover image via Don Caldwell / Twitter

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Dall-E, ChatGPT's image generation tool, is trending

On X, numerous individuals with access to the image generation tool have been posting trippy visuals inspired by their prompts.

Introducing the first ChatGPT internet trend: 'make it more'

Basically, you prompt Dall-E to generate an image by describing something with adjectives like "big, cute, happy" and then instruct it to make it more... more.

Here are some trippy examples of ChatGPT's 'make it more' trend

Many of these visuals look normal initially but gradually evolve into extremely trippy experiences.

Oh, you can also 'make it less' just for the heck of it

If you want to join in on the trend, you'd need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus to access Dall-E, and it comes with a monthly cost of US$20.

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