You Can Now Create Your Own Version Of ChatGPT Without Any Coding Experience

Design ChatGPT to your preferences and needs.

Cover image via Van Tay Media / Unsplash & Airam Dato-on / Pexel

OpenAI has introduced the ability to create your very own custom AI chatbots known as 'GPTs'

The AI company hosted its very first developer conference called DevDay in San Francisco on 6 November 2023.

In the conference, OpenAI presented a preview version of GPT-4 Turbo, which include more up-to-date knowledge, a bigger context input, and image input.

Image via OpenAI

No coding is required to create your own specialised versions of ChatGPT

The customised ChatGPT is pretty versatile and suits nearly every industry. You can craft a personalised AI chatbot that's capable of providing you business negotiation advice, stain removal tips, coaching in education, and even tech support.

In fact, anyone can build a chatbot by chatting with it or feeding in text and image content.

Image via Benjamin Crozat

What's cool is that you'll even be able to sell your customised AI chatbot on OpenAI's GPT store

Now, you can create a chatbot and monetise it without even having any idea how to code or zero knowledge of computer science.

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