Tesla Launches First Supercharger In Selangor That Charges Your Car In 15 Minutes

Hint: It's in one of your favourite malls!

Cover image via Tesla (Provided to SAYS)

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Tesla has announced the official opening of the first Supercharger station in Selangor

Selangor's first-ever Tesla Supercharger station will be located in Sunway Pyramid.

That's not all, as the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will also be on display at the water feature area on the Ground Floor. You'll get to experience Tesla's unparalleled technology and learn more about the charging experience during the pop-up. 

The latest Tesla V3 Supercharging station at Sunway Pyramid provides four new Superchargers

The Sunway Pyramid Supercharger station is the third station added to the current Supercharging network in Malaysia. This brings the total number of Superchargers to 16. The first station is located at Pavilion KL.

The Supercharger station can charge a Model 3 in just 15 minutes

With the Supercharger station, you will no longer have range anxiety. The Supercharger can provide a Model 3 with up to 282km of range, in just a fraction of the time it takes compared to a standard charger.

This rapid recharge capability is achieved with a peak efficiency of 250kW, which means it is one of the the fastest EV charger networks in the country.

Tesla owners can monitor their cars while charging through the mobile app

Integrated support for Tesla vehicles and the mobile app enables owners to effortlessly navigate, precondition the vehicle battery, and access the charging station for a fast and hassle-free charging experience.

This includes real-time monitoring of charger availability, charging status, payment, and technical support, among other features.  

Charges for Tesla Supercharger Parking Bay are RM5 per hour while charging

Image via CleanTechnica

The parking bays are located at the valet parking in front of the main entrance of the mall.

The Supercharging Rate is RM1.25/kWh. It also comes with an Idle fee of up to RM4.00/minute when the Supercharging station is fully occupied

Also, it's worth noting that the Parking Bay is open 24/7.

Currently, the Supercharger stations exclusively cater to Tesla vehicles

However, that may change in the future as Malaysia eventually adopts the criteria of the MITI BEV Global Leaders Programme, in which one of the requirements calls for the chargers to be open for public use, allowing usage from other electric car brands.

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