M'sian BF Gifts Luxury Electric Vehicle To GF And Pays The RM100,000 Downpayment For Her

Dashen said that he paid only half of the electric vehicle's cost so that Miki can grow by taking on the responsibility of servicing the remaining loan independently.

Cover image via Dashen大神 (YouTube) & @miki_tew (Instagram)

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A Malaysian boyfriend surprised his girlfriend by gifting her a luxury electric vehicle (EV)

The boyfriend shared the journey of buying his girlfriend a Great Wall Motor (GWM) EV on YouTube last Sunday, 6 August.

Known to his fans as Dashen, the YouTuber with 460,000 subscribers said he planned to give his girlfriend, Miki, a new vehicle as she did not have her own car.

"Sometimes, it is very troublesome whenever we go out because I need to pick her up. I feel like a driver to her," Dashen said in jest, explaining the reason behind the gift.

With that plan in mind, he then headed to a GWM showroom to test drive Ora Good Cat, a model he had been eyeing for its feminine aesthetic.

Miki was in disbelief on the day the EV was delivered to Dashen's house.

Image via Dashen大神 (YouTube)

But what sets this gift apart is that the recipient has to chip in for it as well, as Darshen only paid the RM100,000 downpayment and Miki will be responsible for paying off the rest of the car loan

"Miki does not know I went to the showroom to order the vehicle last week. On my side, I will help her pay RM100,000 for the downpayment so that she does not need to borrow so much money from the bank.

"This will help reduce her (financial) burden. I'm not gifting her the entire car. I want her to service the loan and learn to grow up," Dashen said on his YouTube channel, known for its challenge, question-and-answer, photoshoot, and travel vlog content.

He revealed in the video that the EV was bought under his name first before transferring the ownership to Miki, so that she could be in the dark about the surprise.

Dashen said once GWM knew that he intended to use the EV as a gift, the Hebei-headquartered company offered to deliver the car in a transparent gift box.

"Wow, I have seen that on Douyin," said Dashen, to which he agreed to the special delivery service.

On the day of the car delivery, Dashen blindfolded Miki and led her outside his house to surprise her with the gift

Miki said in jest that she did not believe the gift was real.

Image via Dashen大神 (YouTube)

"What did you see? 'Miki Tew, I love you.' Did you see that?" Dashen read the message on the transparent box with the EV in it.

"Is this a prank?" Miki asked, to which her boyfriend replied, "No, I'm serious."

"I've paid half of the instalment, while the remaining half has to be paid by you. But this car is truly yours," said the panicked boyfriend, trying to get Miki up to speed about the arrangement.

Still in shock, Miki said she did not believe the gift was real. To prove that it was not a prank, Dashen gave Miki the keys to the Ora Good Cat, and its lights lit up after she pressed a button.

After driving the EV for a week, Miki said she loved the feminine aesthetic of the car and its safety features. The video ended with Miki thanking Dashen for the vehicle, not before teasing him that it was "only half a gift".

The video currently has over 82,000 views and 1,800 likes on YouTube. You can watch it below:

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