Happy Birthday ChatGPT: Here's How You've Helped The AI Grow

ChatGPT turns one!

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It has been exactly a year since ChatGPT burst onto the global stage

Thursday, 30 November, marked the language model's first birthday. As the chatbot celebrates its inaugural year, the mobile version of ChatGPT has garnered over 110 million downloads and generated approximately US$28.6 million in global consumer spending combined.

In just one year, ChatGPT has managed to significantly impact and change our lives

The app skyrocketed with around 18 million new installations within a week of its Google Play launch. Despite a steady increase in downloads on both iOS and Android, the total downloads on both platforms have consistently remained above 4 million for the past five weeks.

Here are some of ChatGPT's notable milestones:

1. ChatGPT ranks #1 among generative AI apps

To date, ChatGPT ranks first among generative AI apps in terms of total downloads, outpacing other competitors like Character AI and Ask AI. Character AI focuses on entertainment and lifestyle, catering to users who wish to converse with pre-trained or customized AI friends. These virtual companions range from renowned celebrities and world leaders to characters from fantasy and sci-fi realms.

2. ChatGPT ranks #2 in terms of cumulative consumer spend to date

ChatGPT has secured an impressive second position in cumulative consumer spending, surpassed only by Codeway's Ask AI, which had a head start with a launch a couple of months before OpenAI's app. Unlike ChatGPT's mobile version, Ask AI provides users with various in-app purchases for premium features. The pricing is structured into two tiers, namely premium and elite.

In Singapore, ChatGPT remains the top generative AI app by consumer spend since the app’s launch.

3. ChatGPT ranks #3 in number of total global sessions

ChatGPT holds the third position in total sessions, trailing behind Chai and Character AI.

This makes sense since the top-ranking apps are centred around engaging with various fictional characters across multiple AI-driven conversations, naturally leading to a higher number of sessions. However, this could undergo a shift as ChatGPT is gaining its own form of multiple personalities with special-purpose GPTs that can be created to help with specific tasks.

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