This Web Service Was Created For Anyone Looking For A New Credit Card And Telco Plan

Now you can skip the process of going to providers to find out more details!

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Taking care of your financial plan is one of the most important things you must do in your life. However, the stress that comes with it can be overwhelming especially if you're new to the working world.

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And while comparing prices on loans is essential when planning your finances, this can be a troublesome process since you have to manually go to providers to find out details - it can be quite a drag.

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This is where CompareHero comes in!

The web service aims to help users make wise financial choices by comparing credit cards, loans and even telco plans.

Image via CompareHero is Malaysia's most comprehensive online platform for comparing financial and telecommunication products. We aim to consistently find the best credit cards, broadband plans, loans and other products and services that suit your needs.

Started by Mark Reijman, Floyd Sijmons and Zee Fakier, the site enlists the help and expertise of financial experts to provide the best experience for users

CompareHero is a joint effort by managing director Mark Reijman and managing director of Zalora Thailand), managing director Floyd Sijmons (former head of strategic revenue management and planning at Groupon EMA), and chief content officer Zee Fakier (former Groupon’s editor-in-chief).

The site leverages in-house expertise of financial experts and seasoned content writers to complement their comparison services and maximize user experience.

So, how does CompareHero work?

It's pretty simple and straightforward - no account registration is needed to use the service.

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Alternatively, you could give them a call at 013-2548320. The hotline is available on Monday - Sunday from 8.30am to 6pm.

Next, choose your preferred category. According to the site, each comparison takes only 10 seconds.

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And yes, the service is entirely free to use! The company claims to be comparing over 2,000 financial products and interest rates and more than 500 broadband and mobile plans from over 200 companies.

Different deals are sorted under each category such as cashbacks, points, air miles, low interest and zero percent balance transfer

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You can select up to 3 cards to compare. Under each card, information such as monthly income and maximum cashback are available for reference.

The service compares the advantages, benefits and fees - which can be seen under the 'Credit Cards Comparison'

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CompareHero also allows you to apply a card through the site. Each application comes with a free gift courtesy of the card company.

Since its inception, the service has compared over 2,000 financial products from over 200 companies

The company claims to be comparing over 2,000 financial products and interest rates and more than 500 broadband and mobile plans from over 200 companies. Some of its current partners include Maybank, Maxis, CIMB, OCBC, CELCOM, Public Bank and others.

For more details, check out CompareHero here before you apply for a new credit card!

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