Car Battery Died? This Web Service Could Be More Reliable Than Calling Your Friend

No more jump-starting your car!

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Discovering a dead car battery is perhaps one of the most dreadful experiences in life, as it never comes at a convenient time

Often, you're left with two choices - either you call a friend over to help jumpstart your car or you call a mechanic from the workshop. But both options might take too long and you're in a rush! How?

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This is where The Battery Shop comes in! The startup aims to break away from conventional workshops by delivering car batteries in an hour.

The Battery Shop exists for one reason; to get you back on the road quickly and safely. Unlike your average workshop, we use technology and our hearts to deliver exceptional customer service, after sales service, reliability and transparency. And that's because we understand how frustrating it is to have your car broken down. The next time you're having problems with your car, remember, we can be there in sixty minutes.

Co-founder Eugene Tan, an accountant by profession, started the business after realising the increasing risk of cars breaking down - which opens up opportunities for scams

What led Eugene to exit the tax accounting industry in Melbourne before setting up The Battery Shop here in Malaysia was the true fact that he finally reached the peak of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – self-actualisation.

“Vehicle breakdowns, not just in Malaysia but everywhere, really, pose great risks to drivers. Just imagine being at your weakest points when trying to deal with your dead vehicle. It’s an open opportunity for mechanic and tow truck scammers as well as thugs and gangsters to victimise you,” he says.

So, how does The Battery Shop work? It's pretty simple - all you need to do is to register yourself an account or if it's an emergency, you could call them directly through a hotline.

The hotline is available on Monday - Sunday from 6am to 11pm. And here's the thing - delivery is FREE! You would need to pay for the battery, that's all.

The Battery Shop only uses batteries from ATLAS BX, a brand from Korea. All batteries come with 12 months warranty so you won't have to worry about a thing!

Prices for a battery ranges from RM200 to RM500, depending on the make and model of your car. Other brands of batteries are also available, by special request.

Worry that the battery can't fit in your car? Use the site's Battery Matcher to find one that fits your car because according to them, size matters.

Select your car make and model from the drop-down menu. From the common Proton to the high-end Lamborghini, they got it all covered!

The Battery Shop has fixed over 1,600 cars since it started last year. They are hoping to have a mobile app up and running next year, with hopes to expand to Penang, Johor and Sarawak.

“As we are rapidly expanding, we are looking to hire more technicians and on top of that, we are developing a mobile app which we plan to launch in March next year. In the future, it is most likely to expand its product platter to include car tyres and also intensify its towing services. It was also revealed to us that The Battery Shop is eyeing to expand in other niche markets such as those in Penang, Johor and Sarawak," said Eugene.

For more details, check out The Battery Shop here and make sure you save up the hotline; 1800-1800-10 for emergencies!

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