Could This Be The Best Travel App For Last-Minute Malaysians?

Now you can miss your flight and still score a good deal!

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Are you a last-minute person? Do you live life on the edge or love spontaneous trips? Hooper, a startup tech company has developed an app that fulfils those needs

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Travel site Hopper launched the Flight Tonight app "to help runaways, outlaws and impulse travelers find the best last-minute flight deals from their city."

Developed by Boston-based travel tech start-up, Hopper, the on-demand app hopes to capitalize on the 'Uberization' of travel, getting people to their destinations faster and with real-time booking.

The app, Flight Tonight allows users to first set their home airport before selecting their destinations

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After downloading the app, users can set their home airport and will then see a list of the best prices to a variety of destinations.

In order to help runaways, outlaws, and impulse travelers find the best last-minute flight deals from their city, Hopper is releasing the Flight Tonight app for ios 7 devices. The app monitors airfares found for last-minute round-trips departing that day

Thanks to its unique search algorithm, the app scours the Internet for the cheapest last minute flight deals within the next two to 24 hours

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And for good reason: The best airfare prices are usually found more than three weeks before a flight departs. But travelers who have some flexibility could take advantage of falling prices the day of departure.

Flight Tonight helps travelers search for the cheapest round-trip flights departing from the US or overseas within the next 2 to 24 hours.

Given the rarity of this situation, Flight Tonight has developed a monitoring system for airfares exclusively for round-trips departing the same day users search.

The app searches for flights departing in a 2 to 24 hour window and sorts by price. Users can then book through a variety of online booking sites (Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia), a feature which sets Flight Tonight apart from competitor app Next Flight.

Although it is always advisable to book your flights early, sometimes you just really need to have a getaway

Even though the app looks for deals, the prices are unlikely to be better than those available far ahead of departure. But, as Hopper highlights, sometimes you just really, really need to get away.

The app is currently available for iOS 7 users only with support for other devices to come shortly

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Flight Tonight is currently available for iOS 7 only.

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