You Will Soon Be Able To Delete Pesky Built-In Apps In Windows 11

No more bloatware or any unused apps on your PC.

Cover image via Microsoft

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Computers often come with pre-installed applications that are intended to enhance the user experience

However, that may not be the case for some users who have alternative options offering the same features as the built-in apps. For these power users, removing built-in apps — or what they might call bloatware — is not as straightforward as one might assume, with users often needing to resort to roundabout methods to uninstall them.

Image via Microsoft

Fortunately, that will soon change with an upcoming Windows 11 update

Microsoft is currently testing a new build of Windows 11 that offers users the ability to uninstall a wider range of built-in apps, such as the Camera app, Cortana, Photos, People, and Remote Desktop.

In the past, users were only able to uninstall a limited number of built-in apps. This latest update represents a significant stride towards their goal of empowering users with greater control over their Windows experience.

While most of these built-in apps are not very large, uninstalling them can still free up some space on your computer. Additionally, having the option to uninstall them completely can contribute to a leaner Windows experience, minimising any sense of bloat.

Microsoft is also working on implementing useful features natively

For example, the upcoming September Windows 11 update is also expected to bring native support for RAR and 7-Zip files, which means users no longer need to download separate apps to unpack those files.

The update is also expected to introduce a new settings homepage, an improved volume mixer, and early access to Windows Copilot.

The update also means that we may no longer need to be greeted by this pop-up soon.

Image via WinRAR

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