You Can Now Drive With Batman Or The Riddler As Your Guide On Waze

The new Batman theme on Waze is available now!

Cover image via Diandra Nunis/SAYS & Waze (Facebook)

For the first time, fans have the opportunity to drive along with a 'Batman and the Riddler' theme on Waze

In conjunction with Batman Day - which takes place annually on 19 September - DC and Waze have teamed up to roll out this feature especially for fans of the Caped Crusader.

Image via Android Police

Not only will Batman and the Riddler be navigating you, but you will also be sporting their cars - the Batmobile and the Riddler Racer.

Your 'Mood' can also be replaced with either Batman or the Riddler for other drivers to see.

Image via 9to5google

But there's more! Waze brought back Kevin Conroy to voice Batman and Wally Wingert for The Riddler.

Both of them voiced the respective characters in the Batman Arkham games. So, if they sound oh-so-familiar, it's because it IS them.

To select the voice, go to your 'Settings' in the Waze app. Click on 'Voice & Sound' and select either 'Batman' or 'The Riddler'. To change your car icon, click on 'Map Display' in your 'Settings' and choose either the 'Batmobile' or the 'Riddler Racer'. 

The theme is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The feature is currently available all over the world and will continue to be until 31 October!

What are you waiting for? Make the changes now for your next Waze journey!

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