Elon Musk's New Rocket Can Take You Anywhere On Earth In Less Than An Hour

He's serious about it.

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There is no question that the founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, Elon Musk, comes up with some crazy ideas

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The 46-year-old South African-born Canadian American business magnate co-founded PayPal, sold cars with autopilot features, and has hopes of populating Mars with humans.

If you think about it, Musk lived out the comic-book engineering prodigy behind Iron Man. Some really do consider him as the real-life Iron Man.

Most recently, Musk revealed proposals for one of his most ambitious projects to date and it involves flying humans in rocket ships around the world

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Under his aeronautics company Space X, Musk unveiled the BFR (fittingly codenamed as "Big F****** Rocket") at the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Australia over the weekend.

Musk estimates a journey from anywhere to anywhere else on the only planet currently hosting human life would take under an hour. In contrast, a flight on a commercial airline from New York to Australia is in the realm of 23 hours!

It won't be expensive either. Musk said it would cost roughly the same as an economy flight on an aircraft.

The Telegraph said the reusable rockets would have a maximum speed of 27,000 km per hour.

“Most of what people consider to be long-distance trips could be completed in less than half-an-hour,” Musk said.

But the BFR's primary purpose is to launch satellites, service the International Space Station, and take passengers to the moon and Mars

The rocket is capable of refuelling in space, necessary for journeys to Mars, and images show the BFR transporting a satellite to orbit, arriving at the International Space Station and on both the Moon and Mars.

While this is a tentative plan for now, we're certainly excited for what's to come

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Plus, who doesn't want to ride in a rocket ship? Come on, it's too cool.

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