The First Game On Facebook Messenger Looks Very Much Like Draw Something

Doodle Draw is the first game on Facebook Messenger.

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Quick question before you read on!

Well, if you're one of those hardcore Facebook gamers, rejoice cause you'll be able to play games on Facebook Messenger now!

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After allowing users to upload GIFs and the annoucement of a lighter alternative to the Facebook app, the company continues its addition of new features by venturing into gaming on its popular Messenger app

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Facebook has been trying hard to separate its instant messaging service from its social network app and website, competing with free messaging services such as WhatsApp. Now the divide has separated even further, with a new game exclusively available to play within the app on iOS and Android -- the first since the launch of Messenger.

So what game is it? It's a drawing, Pictionary look-alike game called Doodle Draw.

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The game is pretty simple. Pick a word from a list of options, each word offers one, two or three coins based on its difficulty.

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After picking a word, you draw a picture on your phone's touchscreen. You can purchase colour packs too!

Ok, that's obviously NOT a shape of a car

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Once you're done with your masterpiece, send it over to a friend via Messenger to guess. If they get it right, you'll be awarded coins.

Doodle Draw's gameplay might look familiar to you because it totally looks like Draw Something, the 2012 drawing game app that took the world by storm, only to die down a few months later

Pretty similar uh?

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Facebook's move to utilise the Messenger app to expand its following is understandable because of the high amount of active users

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Messenger itself has garnered more than 600 million active users and over 1 billion downloads on Android, giving it a lot of potential as a platform. While Facebook is still trying to figure out how make the Messenger platform the best and most profitable that it can be, bringing the possibility of games to the platform certainly seems like a step forward.

Download Doodle Draw for Facebook Messenger on iTunes and Google Playstore

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