Facebook Is About To Change Your Profile Picture Completely With This New Feature

The social network is about to get more lively and animated than ever before.

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Admittedly, there hasn't been many changes when it comes to Facebook profile pictures. It has been sidelined by numerous other recent additions to the social networking site like posting comments with GIFs.

Yesterday, Facebook announced that profiles are getting a significant change - the result is the addition of profile videos

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The new profile, which was first spotted in the wild this summer, puts a large profile photo front and center. The biggest departure from the current product, which is now in testing: looping "profile videos" of up to seven seconds that add a new dimension to the design. It's a big thing that sounds like a small thing, and it's big because for the first time, Facebook is asking users to get creative with their profiles.

The new feature, which is currently being tested by selected groups of people in the US and UK, replaces your normal profile picture with a 7-second loop video. Also, notice the position of profile picture has been changed from the top-left corner to the center.

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The most conspicuous change is photos: They’re now centered on the screen as opposed to off in the top-left corner, as was the previous behavior. They’re larger, too, and support animation. You read that right: if you so choose, you can select a looping clip up to 7 seconds in length instead of a pic.

Facebook is also experimenting with allowing users to set up a temporary profile picture that'll revert back to the original one after a certain time frame

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The idea is to give you a temporary profile picture that you can set a time limit on. When you decide the moment is up, your photo will immediately roll back to whatever you had before. This is probably meant to address the discomfort of having to ask yourself “am I done visually supporting [insert cause here] with my profile photo?” and taking action to change it. Now, Facebook will do the dirty work for you.

Further updates include a new “pinned” section that allows you to select up to five images that will remain at the top of your profile page

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The next biggest feature is a new option to select up to five Featured Photos that will appear pinned to a section at the top of your profile. This is designed to let you give people considering your friend request or who just met you a better clue to your identity. They could show your favorite after-work activities, your pets, or just some extra selfies. Think of them as the extra photos in your Tinder profile. They’re not your main profile pic, but they’ll be used to judge you.

Facebook users with the feature could take a selfie video from their phone or upload any video clip that's 7-seconds long. As of now, there are reportedly no restrictions in size, profile videos will be automatically cropped to suit the square-sized frame we're used to.

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The feature is expected to roll out soon, so make sure you keep an eye out for it!

Is it just us or does the profile videos kinda feel like the Daily Prophet papers from the Harry Potter movie series?

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Aside from profile videos, Facebook is also working on a dislike button. It's basically a dream come true for many of us!