Looking For A Place To Store Stuff? You Can Rent A Space Here From RM66 A Month

Each storage unit comes equipped with an air-conditioner and passcode entry.

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We've all got those filing cabinets or drawers filled with stuff we can't bear to throw away — items that seem simultaneously useless but hold sentimental value

Looks familiar?

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Clutter is not good for the mind and soul. But here's the good news - you don't have to throw them away because a local startup has found a way for you to store all your stuff in an awesome storage unit!

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Flexi Storage was established in 2014 to be the go-to place for hassle-free storage service

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Be it for personal, study or business use, we are more than happy to accommodate you with our clean, safe and reliable storage units. With our flexible size, tenure and rate tailored to your need, FlexiStorage is committed to be your ultimate storage solution.

The startup was founded by best friends Desmond How and Alex Lee who wanted to bridge urban consumers with the novelty items that they couldn't part with

Desmond How (L) and Alex Lee (R) of Flexi Storage.

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Seeing the growing need of individuals and businesses for additional space, Desmond How and Alex Lee decided to start a company called Flexi Storage in 2014 to provide storage solutions to urbanites.

"The idea was doubly appealing to work on now because it also helps solve an actual need in society,” says Lee, pointing out that a recent research has shown that the top reason for the demand in space in Malaysia is urbanisation.

At the moment, Flexi Storage is using a warehouse located in an industrial area in Petaling Jaya’s Section 51

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The storage houses over 200 storage units comprising some 60 different sizes to cater to all kinds of storage needs.

"We wanted to get a storage space that's easily accessible in all weather conditions. We also needed high elevation to prevent any forms of dampness from water," said How.

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Flexi Storage also offers boxes and packing tools for a price at their office.

The warehouse is CCTV monitored and renters can only access their respective storage unit with a passcode. Storage units are also air conditioned to ensure optimum temperature.

Customers have the option of installing their own locks.

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Air-conditioners to ensure optimum temperature.

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The gate access is also backed by a high-tech computerised system and site graphic that would trigger the alarm and indicate the exact storage location if a break-in were to happen. Therefore, clients can be rest assured that their items won’t disappear into thin air.

Flexi Storage currently offers three types of storage solutions - Business, Self-Storage and Student. Each type offers different sizes and pricing.

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Renters can rent storage units from two weeks to a year, depending on the contract. It's good to note that the cancelling for a contract is two weeks!
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The sizes of each storage units range from 16 square feet to 168 square feet. Each unit is accessible at anytime day of the day.

Depending on the duration and size of the unit, the rates may range from RM66 to RM1,500 a month. Promotions are offered from time to time when rates can go as low as RM1 for the first month.

Flexi Storage has been going strong since its inception two years ago, with over 100 renters and a consistent occupancy rate of over 50%

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Flexi Storage is currently working on expansion plans to further expand its footprint with new branches outside of Petaling Jaya.

Interested to give Flexi Storage a try? Get more details from their website and follow their Facebook page.

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