Google Files Are Going Missing From Your Desktop App? It's A Bug

No, you're not being hacked.

Cover image via Your Tech Story & wikiHow

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Recently, Google Drive users have been reporting that their files have disappeared from the service

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage service developed by Google.

Since none of the files were deleted manually by the users, the files were also not found in the recycling bin feature and cannot be recovered (so far).

Image via MenosFios

Users think the files disappeared because of a hacker attack

However, that's not the case. Google confirms that the issue originated from the Google Drive app for desktop, affecting both Windows and Mac users. The browser version of the service remains unaffected.

Besides that, a bug was also found to eliminate data from the Google Drive account

Google said the issue occurs due to a syncing problem in the recently released versions (v84.0.0.0 through of Drive.

Google Drive users are advised to back up all important files

The company advises users to avoid disconnecting their Google account from Drive on desktop and tampering with the 'DriveFS' folder locally stored on their machines.

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