Google Japan Just Released A 65-Inch Long Keyboard That Looks Like A Pembaris

We’re gonna need a bigger desk.

Cover image via Yanko Design

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Japan is a country well known for its contemporary inventions, and this recent one from their Google branch has taken that notion a step further

Presented as an actual physical keyboard that you can own, Google Japan recently released a long, stick-like keyboard called the Gboard bar that has all its keys lined up in one row. 

Essentially, its a keyboard that has a row of keys in the form of a bar. According to Google Japan, initially, the prototype was 2,400mm long but they managed to squeeze it down to 1,650mm.

The product was inspired by the Japanese characters in the word 'keyboard'

According to Google Japan, many developers were focused on the word 'key' in keyboard, but they didn't put any emphasis on how the word 'bar' that was in the next syllable in the Japanese word for keyboard.

Using this seemingly simple idea, they were able to create a whole new keyboard design akin to a bar or a staff.

Google Japan also stated that two people can use the Gboard in tandem, saving time and forming bonds.

Aside from aesthetics, Google also expressed that the Gboard comes with a lot of practical features

Where previously you could have not found the keys to a wide keyboard, you can just look sideways to look for the right key instead of moving your head up and down.

Additionally, if you have a cat, you don't need to drive it away from your keyboard because they wouldn't lie on a thin long pole in the first place :P

Those who love hiking can even use it as a walking stick...

Or a net :P

Image via Yanko Design

it can also be used as a base to prevent your chopsticks or kitchen utensils from touching the dining table when you eat.

Image via Yanko Design

It's a really cool product, to say the least. But unfortunately, it's not for sale.

Wait, whaaaat? :O

Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately, the Gboard bar is not for sale.

That being said, the developers at Google Japan did release all the necessary information on Github on how they made it, from the schematics of the board and case to the firmware that they used to get it running. Keep in mind, it may be a long DIY project and you'll need a 3D printer. 

If that sounds like too much work, there's always the app version of the Gboard that you can download any time on Google Play.

Check out the full video of the product presentation here:

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