Shopping For Last-Minute Gifts? Check Out These Awesome Grab Promos To Help You Save More

Whether you're looking to buy flowers, deliver birthday cakes, or purchase beauty products for your family or friends, Grab has got your last-minute gifting plans covered.

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Raise your hand if you've forgotten to get your friends or loved ones a present before

Whether you baru remembered it's your friend's birthday, realised you missed an anniversary and haven't bought a gift yet, or looking to get a last-minute Christmas present, we've all been there, kan

The worst thing is that you're already about to meet your friend, or you're running late and simply have no time to dilly dally to find the perfect gift, alamakkkk

Grab knows our struggles all too well, which is why they launched their Last Minute Gifting campaign, to make finding that perfect last-minute gift so much easier, yay!

Whether you're looking to buy flowers, deliver cakes, or purchase beauty products, Grab has got your last-minute plans covered. 

The best part? You get to enjoy up to 50% off when you shop for your last-minute gift with Grab, hurrah! 

Excited dy? Check out their promos:

1. Enjoy 50% off when you order your favourite meals via GrabFood

Thinking of ordering some cookies or a few slices of cake to deliver to your friend? Spend a minimum of RM25, key in your promo code, and you can get 50% off (up to RM12.50) your GrabFood order, woohoo!

Check out the promo codes:

- HOTDEALS (for Klang Valley areas)
- HOTDEALSGF/HOTDEALS50 (for outer cities, and promo code varies according to cities)

Another great thing about this promo is that you can redeem it eight times. Nice lah.

Still not sure what to order? Here are a few suggestions:

- Get the party started by ordering the Thigh Thigh Combo from Kyochon
- Looking for something thirst-quenching for your pal? Deliver them a refreshing Caramelised Honey Bobba from Bubblebee.
- Delivering Pizza Hut's newly-released Cheese Poppers is sure to please your loved ones at home
- Surprise your bestie with yummy brownies, cakes, and even cheese tarts from Secret Recipe
- Get your partner's Korean food cravings fixed with K Fry Urban Chicken's classic Spaghetti Ramyeon and Cheesy Bumbuk

2. Order birthday cakes or shop for care packages via GrabMart and enjoy up to 50% off

GrabMart offers a plethora of things you can order, be it for yourself, friends, or family. Whether you're looking to order a bottle of wine to celebrate an anniversary with your loved one, or even beauty products to pamper a friend, you can get your last-minute shopping done with GrabMart. 

Best of all, there's no minimum spend required at all!*

Here are a few merchants you should totally check out on GrabMart:
- Order quality imported cuts of meat from The Meat Experts Deli for a last-minute BBQ sesh
- Attending a friend's birthday party? Impress your mates with a cheese platter and a bottle of liquor from Adult Food & Beverage
- Surprise your partner with tonnes of skincare and beauty products from MagicBoo
- Get that new red lipstick or limited-edition blush from SASA you've been eyeing
- Pamper your loved ones with Korean face masks and skincare products from The Face Shop

*For selected items only.

3. Shopping online or prefer to get your last-minute gift in-store? Enjoy 30% off when you shop for your gifts via GrabPay!

Be it getting the newly-released game for your partner or buying that handbag your bestie has been eyeing, make sure to use GrabPay when you make your purchase. You get to enjoy discounts up to RM30, yass! 

Check out the GrabPay promos: 

GrabPay (online):
- 30% off (up to RM30, no minimum spend) 
- Promo code: 30GRABPAYDEALS

GrabPay (in-store):
- 30% off (up to RM30, minimum spend RM100)

Plus, GrabPay is accepted at almost every merchant nationwide, woohoo! 

Make sure to check out these merchants as well:

GrabPay (online):
- 50Gram
- Agoda
- Kiehl's
- Gamer's Hideout

GrabPay (in-store):
- Gamer's Hideout
- Hydroflask
- Kiehl's
- Marks and Spencer

Psstt... That's not all. Grab now lets you send gifts and food to your loved ones across cities in Malaysia too!

With so many participating cities like Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuching, and more in Malaysia, you can now show your loved ones or friends how much you love them by sending them gifts or food. In fact, with Christmas coming up soon, sending presents is now easier than ever!

And it's so simple to use! Here's how:
1. Tap on 100+ Cities Delivery (BETA) under the Keep Discovering tab
2. Tap on Next
3. Tap on Food or Mart
4. Select your preferred city
5. Key in recipient's address

Check out the GIF below for a more detailed guide!

All in all, Grab has definitely got your last-minute shopping plans covered

Don't forget to use the promo code before you checkout or pay for your gifts via GrabPay to enjoy all of these fantastic deals. 

Head on over to your Grab app now to find out more about their Last Minute Gifting campaign and start shopping today!

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