Grab's New Service Lets Other People Drive You Home Using Your Car When You Are Drunk

But it's only available in Thailand.

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Ride-hailing company Grab has rolled out a new service that lets other people drive you home using your car when you are drunk

The service, however, is currently only available in Thailand, where the company is trying to curb drunk-driving that sometimes leads to fatal accidents - the highest in the Southeast Asian region.

Called GrabDriveYourCar, the feature allows a car owner to book a Grab driver who will drive your car to make sure you reach home safely, reported Mashable Southeast Asia.

The service seems to be targeted towards those who love to out for drinking sessions.

Here's how the new service works:

It's like using any other Grab services such as ordering food or a Grab car.

All you have to do is open the app and click on the "Drive for Me" option.

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Put in your pick-up point and destination. Then wait for your assigned driver to arrive.

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The service certainly isn't cheap, though

With the base price of THB350 (RM48), the service cost increases by TBH100 (RM14) for every 5km travelled. Other charges like toll fees etc will be totalled at the end of your ride.

While the service is not cheap by any standard, seeing how it is basically an on-call driver for hire for people in need of assistance (whether drunk or ill), the charges make sense.

However, there are no details about how do these drivers will get to "pick-up" points and once they have driven your car to your destination how do they get from job-to-job.

Grab assures that the drivers are completely safe

To make them identifiable, these drivers come dressed in green Grab outfits or have a green armband.

According to Grab, they have also gone through multiple training programmes and are filtered through tests to familiarise themselves with the various types of vehicles.

The drivers are also covered by insurance, reported SoyaCincau.

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While currently only available in Thailand, there hasn't been any news about whether Grab plans to bring the service to Malaysia.

In the meantime, the company is recruiting riders for their motorcycle e-hailing service, GrabBike, in the country:

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