You Can Now Deliver Documents, Gifts, And Parcels In One Day With Grab’s New Service

Another way to make sure your loved one gets their gift on time!

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Grab has officially rolled out its on-demand delivery service, GrabExpress, to the whole of Klang Valley

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In its beta testing days, the service was only limited to Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, and KL Sentral.

GrabExpress is touted as a "fast, convenient, safe, and affordable on-demand door-to-door delivery service"

With GrabExpress, you can have someone immediately deliver documents, gifts, and parcels for you in one day.

Here's what else you need to know:

1. Operating hours

GrabExpress operates from 8am to 12am daily.

2. Package Size Guide

Packages sent with GrabExpress need to be within the dimensions of 30cm x 45cm x 42cm.

It also cannot exceed the weight limit of 15kg.

3. What items can be delivered with GrabExpress

Besides boxed or bagged parcels and documents, you can also deliver food items that are non-perishable, non-frozen, and non-fragile.

Items that you cannot deliver with GrabExpress are:

- Fragile items that require special handling, such as cakes or glassware,
- Perishable items,
- Hazardous, explosive, flammable, and unsafe items (e.g. power banks),
- Valuable items and documents (e.g. cash, passport, birth certificate),
- Illegal items and substances,
- Live animals and plants, and
- Any unpacked or loose items that can easily be damaged in transit.

4. Pricing

Just like booking a GrabCar ride, users will see the delivery rate displayed as they make a booking.

The minimum delivery rate is RM10. Here's the breakdown:
- 0km to 20km: RM1/km
- More than 20km: RM2/km

5. How to book a delivery

Screenshots of the Delivery booking screens.

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All GrabExpress deliveries can be booked within the Grab app.

Here's how it goes:

1. On the main page of the Grab app, select "Delivery".

2. Key in the pick-up point (your location) and the drop-off point.

3. Fill in your recipient's details, such as their name, phone number, and floor or unit numbers, if applicable. You can also make multiple drop-offs.

4. If all the details are correct, tap on "Next" and wait for your driver to pick up your items.

5. Track your delivery in real time with the app! Your recipient will also receive an SMS and tracking link, too.

6. What to do if your parcel is damaged or missing

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Parcels and documents delivered with GrabExpress is protected with a RM500 insurance coverage.

In the event that your parcel or document goes missing or is damaged, contact Grab's customer service to make a claim.

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