Customers Waited Up To 6 Hours For Food After GrabFood Riders Went On Strike

Restaurants in the app were also closed for deliveries due to the disruption.

Cover image via Careta / Facebook

Hungry GrabFood customers were left in the lurch after an apparent rider strike caused up to six-hour long delays in deliveries yesterday, 27 September

Customers took to the online delivery service's Facebook page to air their grievances, with many complaining deliveries have yet to arrive hours after their orders were placed

Disruptions to GrabFood's delivery service is believed to have begun as early as 9.30am. Later in the day, all restaurants listed on the app appeared to be closed and are not accepting delivery orders for the day. 

It was soon revealed that deliveries were halted due to GrabFood riders going on strike in protest of a recent change in delivery payouts

It is believed that many riders began rejecting orders upon finding out that their delivery payouts have been reduced from RM10 per trip to RM5 per trip, regardless of distance travelled. 

Following the uproar, Grab Malaysia issued a statement apologising to both riders and customers for the inconvenience as well as clarifying that they have reviewed the policy change. Read the company's full statement here:

"We recently revised our incentive scheme for our GrabFood riders, which in truth, would have benefited them more. However, this gesture did not place well with our riders as we would have liked to. Perhaps we should have clarified and explained the benefits clearly and in lengths.

However, their disappointment and comments did not go unnoticed, as we have reviewed the incentives accordingly, with proper communications and explanations in place to help our riders understand the revised scheme much better. We apologise to our GrabFood riders for the lack of discretion on our part and will do our best to see to their needs.

At the same time, for our customers, we are doing the necessary to ensure that your grievances and refunds are made in proper order. Once again, we regret the inconvenience caused and we thank both our riders and customers for your support thus far. We will strive to improve the service better and we welcome your feedback in doing so."

At the time of writing, Grab Malaysia confirmed that GrabFood services have since resumed as normal

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