Head Of WhatsApp Warns Users To Not Use Fake Versions Of The Messaging App

One of the fake versions to look out for is Hey WhatsApp.

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Head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart recently took to Twitter to warn Android users to not download fake or modified versions of the popular messaging app

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He explained this through a Twitter thread, warning users of the dangers of downloading fake or modified versions of the app. 

Moreover, he stressed that these apps may look harmless at first, but could be programmed to have a workaround against WhatsApp's privacy and security settings. 

The app in question was made from a developer called HeyMods that had various suspicious apps under its name such as "Hey WhatsApp" and a few others. 

Fortunately, the fake WhatsApp versions are not available in the Google Store

What this means is, you won't have to worry if you've been sticking to the Google Play Store to get your apps, because Google blocks illegitimate developers from uploading knockoff or suspicious apps into the Google Play Store.

This is also a warning for users to constantly be wary when downloading apps, and to not simply download from unverified sources.

In one of his tweets, Cathcart applauds Google for their continued work in preventing malicious apps from flooding Android users' phones.

Moving forward, Cathcart will be taking action against against fake app Hey WhatsApp and its developer HeyMods

"We're also taking enforcement action against HeyMods to stop future harm, and will further explore legal options to hold HeyMods and others like them accountable," said Cathcart. 

The head of WhatsApp seems to be taking this offense very seriously, and will continue to look into various actions to stop their activities and hold them accountable.

As for Android users, make sure you stay vigilant and remain wary of suspicious looking apps

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Sometimes it's all too easy to be enticed to click on something that seems harmless. It is essential to verify an application's legitimacy before continuing to download or use it!

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