See How Google Trips Changes The Way You Travel From Now On

The tech giant wants to make travelling a hassle free experience.

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While it's true that travelling is a whole lot easier thanks to online booking sites, it can still be a troublesome affair. Looking for places of attractions to visit, restaurants to eat, sourcing tickets for internal flights requires a lot of time and effort.

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In a bid to solve the woes of travellers around the world, Google has a new app called Google Trips

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Google has been working on the travel app for a while now, thanks to a leak earlier this year when the app was being tested within Google’s Local Guides community.

The community helps to improve Google Maps and business data by writing reviews, correcting listings, and taking photos. In return, they gain exclusive access to try out new Google products and features, such as Google Trips.

Google claims that the app not only helps travellers plan their hotel arrangements and flight bookings, it also acts like a personalised tour guide

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The home screen of the app includes a search box with a prompt “where do you want to go?” for planning new trips, and other cards let you keep track of your past, current and upcoming vacations and plans.

After putting in the city or country you want to visit, a dedicated page with multiple tabs will pop up

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A variety of colorful tabs help you jump into various sections like “Saved places,” “Day Plans,” “Food & Drink,” “Getting around,” “Things to do,” “Reservations,” and more.

Google says the app can show you the most popular day plans and itineraries for the top 200 cities worldwide. This information is actually based on historic visit data from other travelers, which took the company two years to compile.

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Custom itineraries are curated based on how long you’ll be in town, popular destinations, and anything that you’ve previously starred or saved on a Google service. Search for places of interests, vintage flea markets, and kid friendly places based on what you're looking for on a particular day.

As long as you have an active connection, the app will constantly be updated with real-time information about which destinations are open or closed

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It will also make adjustments based on time of day and weather! For example, if it starts raining, the app will recommend indoor activities.

The best thing about this app is that it works offline too! Users can download a full itinerary to their phones before setting off.

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This feature is exceptionally useful considering how expensive roaming charges can be!

In order to use Google Trips, you would need a Gmail account. In fact, the app actually taps into the travel reservations in your mail and organises them on your behalf.

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For best results, sync the app with the Gmail account where your flight and hotel details are delivered to.

Definitely a nifty app to have the next time you're out and about in a foreign country! Google Trips is now live and you can download it on Google Playstore and iTunes.

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