10 Actual Insider Tips On How To Get The Best Year End Shopping Deals

Learn how to save more when you shop!

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1. Use apps that allow you to get cashback on your spending

There are lots of apps out there that give you cashback, both when you shop online and also at retail outlets. Make sure to choose the right app and you could even earn enough cashback to cover your next shopping spree. ;)

2. Follow your favourite brands on social media and subscribe to their newsletters too

This is where they usually announce all their latest deals and new products. Sometimes, they even give out exclusive discounts for their followers and/or subscribers.

3. You should also follow influencers who are affiliated with your favourite brands

They always have all kinds of promo codes, cool benefits, and insider info that'll help you save more on your shopping!

4. Fill up your shopping cart but don't check out just yet

If you are shopping online, wait for promo or sale periods before checking out so that you can get discounts and save more on your purchases. Putting everything you actually want/need into your cart in advance will also stop you from making impulse purchases at full price. Major ecommerce sites also sometimes give special cart item discounts if they see your items have been in cart for a while.

5. Shop at off-peak hours when no one else is shopping, like early in the morning or after midnight

Since not many people shop at these times, this is usually when brands post their time-sensitive promos like flash deals.

6. Find ways to save on shipping without having to buy more items yourself

For example, you could ask friends if they want anything from the same site. Bulk orders usually gets you free shipping. And even if it doesn't, you'll at least have more people to divide the shipping fee with.

7. Look out for special dates on e-commerce sites and apps

It's not just big days like 11.11, 12.12, and Black Friday that you should be looking out for. Various sites and apps will have different "special days" with all kinds of sales and deals, so always keep an eye out.

For example, Boost has Online Boost Day on the 8th of every month, where you will get 20-30% cashback on selected online partners. Plus, make sure not to miss out on Boost's awesome 12.12 deal - they'll be giving away RM12 cashback (12 times per user) for one day only!

8. Hold off on buying things until the end of the month

Brands know that the end of the month is when most people get their gaji. Some of them tend to do pay day sales or offer discounts around this time. So if there's something you have your eye on, wait and see if you can get it for cheaper at the end of the month.

9. Enable push notifications for all your apps

That way, you'll be the first to know about any upcoming deals, promos, and sales! This is especially important for the ones that are only available for a limited time. Siapa cepat dia dapat!

10. Choose your payment methods wisely

Some payment methods give better rewards when you pay with them, especially if they've partnered with the brand you're buying from. Always check to see which payment method will give you the best deal. Paying with ewallets is a good way to go as you'll be able to maximise both your credit card points and ewallet loyalty points.

With the highly anticipated 12.12 year end sale coming up soon, be on the lookout for awesome deals. And don't forget to use the Boost app when you shop to get cashback!

With Boost, you don't even have to wait for sale periods to shop 'til you drop. Their CashUp feature gives you cashback all year round when you shop at selected outlets!

From travel and fashion to beauty and basic necessities, Boost has partnered with all kinds of brands to give you cashback on all your shopping. Check out the full partner list below.

Image via Boost
Image via Boost

Plus, Starbucks and Petron are now #Boosted, so you'll be able to enjoy cashback on your purchases there too

Image via Boost

From now until 14 December 2019, you'll get RM5 cashback when you spend RM50 and #PayWithBoost at any Starbucks outlet. This promo is capped at 2,000 redemptions daily, so hurry and treat yourself to your favourite Starbucks drink today!

Pro tip: Use Boost to top up your Starbucks card. You'll get to enjoy the cashback promo and Boost Rewards while also getting your Starbucks rewards. You'll earn yourself that coveted Starbucks planner in no time ;)

Image via Boost

The next time you're filling up at Petron, make sure you #PayWithBoost to enjoy a RM5 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM50. This promo is valid until 31 January 2020 and subject to a monthly cashback limit.

Here's a breakdown:
15 - 30 November 2019: 22,000 cashbacks
1 - 31 December 2019: 44,000 cashbacks
1 - 31 January 2020: 44,000 cashbacks

Plus, you'll even stand the chance of becoming one of the lucky Grand Prize winners who will walk away with RM8,888 and other amazing weekly prizes! Just swipe your Petron Miles card and spend a minimum of RM40 with Boost for an entry to win.

What are you waiting for? #BoostUp today to get access to some of the best deals in town and start saving more!

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