HTC One M8 Vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Which Should You Get?

Let's find out where does the HTC One M8 stands up to its fiercest competitor - the Samsung Galaxy S5 and which one should you buy?

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The new HTC One doesn't match the GS5 feature-for-feature, especially when it comes to Samsung's hardware and software extras, but some argues that it has the stuff to make you think twice about getting the Galaxy S5. Let's find out.

HTC One M8 Vs Samsung Galaxy S5

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HTC One M8 is of superior build. It flashes slight seams and a higher-quality all-metal body in the face of Samsung Galaxy S5's basic plastic parts

HTC One M8, a superior build all-metal body

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It also helps that the new One's aluminum build gently curves in the back, CNET reviewer Brian Bennett describes, which helps nestle it into your palm. Only the dark gray shade has the brushed sheen of last year's model, but all three metallic hues share just enough gleam and weight to feel next-level premium alongside the GS5.

Samsung Galaxy S5

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Both M8 and GS5 uses Super AMOLED and Super LCD 3, the two most advanced in display technology used among mobile devices due to power saving and backlighting

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The Galaxy S5 handset comes with a 5.1 inches screen, (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) resolution. However, HTC One (M8) is only slightly smaller with 5 inches, (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) resolution.

While, Super LCD 3 on HTC One M8 allows it to be easily viewed under bright lights or direct sunlight

Super LCD 3 on HTC One M8

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Super AMOLED used in Samsung Galaxy S5 greatly saves battery if displaying black or darker images compared to other screens

Super AMOLED used in Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung seems to have the upper hand when it comes to hardware, as GS5 is powered by a 2.5 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, while the One M8 is powered by a 2.3 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor

Galaxy S5 features a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor

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Both the M8 and Galaxy S5 are packed with more-or-less evenly matched high-flying specs. Samsung's phone does have the slight upper hand when it comes to the higher capacity processor and battery, though the M8 has the much higher-resolution front-facing camera and slightly higher pixel density.

One M8 is powered by a 2.3 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor

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While both the phone uses Adreno 330 and runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat, they differ in respective user interface. HTC One M8 comes with Sense 6.0 with BlinkFeed social app, Samsung Galaxy S5 uses TouchWiz UI with updated Galaxy S services

HTC One M8 comes with Sense 6.0

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HTC's interpretation of Android, and Sense 6.0 continues in the same vein with just a few variations on Sense 5.0. The interface looks rich and lush with clean, stylish graphics and font that come across modern without being sterile. A few tiny changes include releasing the BlinkFeed newsfeed from its previous position as the default home screen, and adding color-coordinated UI themes.

Samsung Galaxy S5 TouchWiz UI

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For its part, Samsung's slightly revised TouchWiz interface also cleans up, and the interface is easy to navigate. Samsung does pile the most customizations on top of Android, like Smart Stay and a heap of motion gestures.

On the camera front, the M8 builds in modes and effects like selective focus, 3D effect, HDR, the return of the Zoe video feature, and the ability to record HD video at 60 frames per second. Samsung's camera is equally on par, and tucks in even more modes for fringe use cases.

The Galaxy S5 features a 16-megapixel camera, along with some cool software features like Live Preview, which allows you to see a photo with a filter or HDR before you snap it. And Samsung claims it has the world’s fastest autofocus in as quick as 0.3 seconds.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

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The HTC One M8, on the other hand, has the same 4-megapixel “UltraPixel” camera as the original HTC One. The idea is that the phone uses larger pixels to capture more light, rather than more detail. So while you might not be able to shoot a sharper picture than the Galaxy S5, in theory you can get a better shot in lower light.

HTC has added a second rear sensor, which allows you to change the focus on pictures after you take them. And the phone has a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, which means you should be able to take some of the sharpest selfies possible.

HTC One M8 Camera

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Speaking about the notable extras, the GS5 once again comes out on top when it comes to gee-whiz features like the Fingerprint Scanner and Heart-Rate Monitor, and those are indeed feature extras that HTC's M8 doesn't even begin to offer

As mentioned above, the Galaxy S5 has a heart rate monitor, which is great for fitness buffs. It also has a fingerprint scanner that allows you to unlock the phone, like the iPhone 5s, though it might not be quite as easy to use.
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The M8, on the other hand, offers a wide range of motion controls that automatically detect when you pick up the phone. This lets you unlock the device or perform a number of other tasks without even needing to hit the power button.
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The chart below compares some specs for each phone

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Each phone costs the same and picking a winner is harder to call than pretty much any other comparison. But that’s a good thing. Both of these phones share many similar features, and both represent the best of Android right now.

If you’re more interested in good design and snapping selfies, the HTC One is a better choice, thanks to its stunning build and high-resolution front-facing camera.
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But if you’re looking for a handset to replace your digital camera, the 16-megapixel Galaxy S5 is likely to offer a better overall photo experience. These phones are sure to inspire plenty of debate, but ultimately, you won’t be disappointed with either.
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