#CanYouBendChallenge: Here's Why M'sians Are Joining This Trending Fitness Challenge

Get an additional free smart band strap when you purchase the HUAWEI Band 6!

Cover image via Huawei Mobile MY (YouTube)

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Have you seen these fitness challenges circulating around social media lately?

Well, if you didn't know, HUAWEI is running their #CanYouBendChallenge, where you stand to win a brand new HUAWEI Band 6, woohoo!

Ohh, so, that's why everyone's taking part in this challenge, hehe. Wanna find out more? More details at the end of the story!

HUAWEI just released a brand new smart band – the HUAWEI Band 6, which provides you with in-depth information on your workout routine and health status

The new HUAWEI Band 6 is the first smart band to feature a 1.47-inch screen. Plus, it aims to provide you with a whole new experience by providing you with detailed feedback, so you can keep track of your lifestyle at all times.  

Priced at only RM219, the HUAWEI Band 6 is an affordable smart band that has tonnes of workout modes, incredible battery life, and is even water-resistant. And it's available for purchase in-store from 16 April onwards. 

Check out some of the cool features the HUAWEI Band 6 has to offer:

1. You can #BendMore with over 96 different workout modes

Image via @huaweimobilemy

The HUAWEI Band 6 offers wide coverage of workout-tracking, including 11 professional workout modes and 85 customised modes which consist of fitness, ball games, and dancing.

In fact, this new release also adopts the HUAWEI-developed HUAWEI TruSport professional exercise algorithm, which deeply analyses your exercise capabilities. By analysing your heart rate and the exercises you do, the smart band generates scientific assessments and suggestions for you to take note of.

So, no matter which exercise you wanna do, the HUAWEI Band 6 has got your workout sesh covered.

2. Enjoy 14-day long battery life with a full charge

Some smart bands require charging once every few days. But this isn't the case with the HUAWEI Band 6, which boasts an impressive two-week battery life. And this is even if you leave multiple sensors like monitoring your heart rate and vibrating for calls and messages switched on at all times.

With heavy usage, you can expect the HUAWEI Band 6 to last as long as 10 days.

What's also cool is that if you're in a hurry and need to charge your smart band, a charging period of five minutes allows the HUAWEI Band 6 to last up to two days.

Oh, and here's a fun tip: If you're running low on battery, just charge the smart band while you take a shower, and it'll be powered up with enough juice by the time you're done. 

3. It comes with all-day SpO2 and heart rate monitoring

Optimised based on HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0, the smart band is able to continuously and simultaneously monitor both your oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) and heart rate. To add on, the smart band provides continuous, real-time, and accurate heart rate.

Whenever it detects a decrease in your blood oxygen level, or when your resting heart rate gets too high or low, it immediately alerts you. This works well for the elderly or those who need to consistently keep track of their health status.

Plus, you won't need to view the stats from your smartphone, as it can be monitored from the smart band.

4. Do and view more with the smart band's FullView display

Left: HUAWEI Band 4e, Right: HUAWEI Band 6

Image via Tek Deeps & @huaweimobilemy (Instagram)

Boasting a 1.47-inch AMOLED FullView display, the HUAWEI Band 6's screen makes up 64% of the screen-to-body ratio. 

With a larger display, viewing long messages or notifications becomes hassle-free, as you won't have to swipe up and down in order to read the message.

Other than that, you can also view comprehensive stats and monitor your progress from the watch directly anytime, anywhere. This saves time as you won't have to continually whip out your phone every time you wanna check something. Pretty cool, right? 

5. It is water-resistant and can keep track of different things to improve your quality of life

In addition to its SpO2 and heart rate monitoring, the HUAWEI Band 6 can also keep track of menstrual cycles, stress levels, and even your sleep quality.

How it determines your quality of sleep is by reading your sleeping patterns. From the data provided, the smart band will come up with over 200 personalised sleeping assessments and suggestions to improve your sleep quality. 

Its hardware is pretty solid too, as the device is water-resistant. With the 5ATM rating, it's suitable for swimming. Or if you're too lazy to take it off before you shower, just leave it on! 

The HUAWEI Band 6 comes in three colours – Amber Sunrise, Forest Green, and Graphite Black

The smart band is available for purchase online or at any HUAWEI outlets.

Additionally, HUAWEI also has the Online to Offline feature on their website, where you can purchase the smart band, and pick it up at the nearest HUAWEI outlet or have it delivered to you!

And for a limited time only, you'll get a free green or orange smart band strap* upon purchasing the HUAWEI Band 6. It's first-come, first-served, so you better hurry!

*Terms and conditions apply. While stock lasts. 

HUAWEI is also running their #CanYouBendChallenge, where you stand to win a HUAWEI Band 6

Here's how to take part:
1. Follow @huaweimobilemy on Facebook
2. Like and share the post and make sure your profile is public
3. Record and upload a video of yourself doing the movements of the #CanYouBendChallenge with the hashtag #CanYouBendChallenge #HUAWEIBand6 #96WorkoutModes

You can also join the contest on TikTok or Instagram as well!

So easy, right? Not only do you stand a chance to win, but it's a great way to get fit and have fun as well!

Contest Period: Now - 22 April

Wanna find out more about the HUAWEI Band 6? Head over to HUAWEI's website to get more information.

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