Huawei Slashes Salary Of Two Employees For Tweeting With An iPhone

The employees were also given a single-level demotion.

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The employees involved in Huawei's recent tweet blunder have been punished for their mistake

The world's second largest smartphone company had previously tweeted a New Year's message from an iPhone, but had quickly corrected it after netizens pointed out the blunder.

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Unfortunately, the Internet always remembers as screenshots of the earlier tweet went viral

According to Reuters, Huawei explained in an internal memo that the mistake occurred when their outsourced social media handler Sapient faced "VPN problems" with the desktop computer. 

In order to meet the midnight deadline, they resorted to using an iPhone with a roaming SIM card to send the message.

Image via Huawei

"[T]he incident caused damage to the Huawei brand," Huawei's corporate senior vice president and board director Chen Lifang wrote in the memo yesterday, 3 January.

In addition, the memo stated that "the incident exposed flaws in [their] processes and management," and that employees must now "tighten management of suppliers and partners," Bloomberg reported.

Consequently, the two employees at fault have had their monthly salaries reduced by 5,000 yuan (RM3,000) and were given a single-level demotion

One of the employees was Huawei's digital marketing director, who was also said to have their pay rank account frozen for 12 months.

They might have scuffed up now, but Huawei's marketing has not been all that bad:

Meanwhile, rivalry between Apple and Huawei has been escalating following the arrest of Huawei's CFO "princess" Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities:

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