Huawei Was Caught Tweeting A New Year's Message From An iPhone And People LOL-ed

Although the tweet has since been corrected, the Internet never forgets.

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The tech world was shaken when Huawei surpassed Apple to become the second largest smartphone vendor globally last year

The smartphone giant later added salt to the wound by handing out Huawei power banks to Apple fans who were queuing up for iPhones overnight.

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However, a recent blunder by Huawei has left an unforgivable mark in Internet history

A seemingly harmless tweet was posted on Huawei's official Twitter page yesterday, 1 January, wishing the public a Happy New Year.

But eagle-eyed netizens spotted a tiny mistake... the tweet was sent from an iPhone.

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Netizens have found it all quite amusing. One Facebook user even caught Huawei Malaysia retweeting the original tweet.

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Although the tweet has since been corrected, the Internet did not miss this opportunity to mercilessly roast Huawei

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Welp, that's awkward

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Funnily enough, a local telco company made a similar boo-boo like this.

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