HUAWEI Is Working On A New AI Chatbot Called PanguChat

It is named after the company's large-scale learning model.

Cover image via chiến bá/Pexels & JAPANForward

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Chinese tech giant HUAWEI is working on its own AI chat bot that may rival ChatGPT

Image via MindBlowingTech

It's called PanguChat, and it could arrive as early as 7 July. The name is inspired by the company's large-scale learning model which initially comes with 100 billion parameters. 

In case you don't know, parameters define the skill of a learning model. The higher the number, the larger the value.

As of now, OpenAI's GPT-4 learning model which powers ChatGPT, has crossed over 1 trillion parameters, which far surpasses the PanguChat learning model. 

However, that may change soon.

Reports have shown that the Pangu learning model had an output of nearly 1.085 trillion parameters which is equivalent to GPT-4's numbers

According to The Indian Express, the Pangu Chat model is being developed using using the deep learning framework known as MindSpore. The framework can generate conversations at par with GPT-3.5.

HUAWEI has not confirmed anything at the time of writing, but the new AI chatbot could be introduced during the HUAWEI Developer Conference 2023 on 7 July. 

Stay tuned for more details!

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