HUAWEI P40 Pro Review: Is The Camera And Connectivity Really As Good As They Say It Is?

One surprising feature was how well the camera and MEETime performed in low light.

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HUAWEI recently launched the P40 series in Malaysia, featuring a new look and an improved quad camera setup. That's why I was pretty excited when I got a chance to play around with it.

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At first glance, you'll immediately notice the hole-punch display, with a dual selfie camera at the top left of the screen. This not only allows you to take stunning 4K selfie videos, it also supports Air Gestures and Face Unlock in low light conditions.

Another cool thing about the P40 series is its overflow display, with curved edges on all four sides. The 6.1-inch bezel-free screen is not only beautiful to look at, it's actually really comfortable to hold.

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But the main highlight of the P40 series has to be its Leica quad camera setup. The HUAWEI P40 Pro comes with an all-new 50MP Ultra Vision main camera, along with a 40MP ultra wide camera, 5x optical telephoto camera, and a ToF camera for amazing bokeh shots.

To find out how good the camera really is, I tested out some of its features. Here's what I discovered:

1. The portrait mode helps you take nice bokeh shots at home

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The Portrait Mode in the HUAWEI P40 series not only helps you blur the background, it also adjusts the lighting to give you the perfect shot. This photo was taken on the balcony during daytime, and the phone automatically got rid of the backlight and brightened up my face.

2. The camera takes stunning shots even in super low light settings

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To further test out how well the phone does in low light settings, I tried taking a similar picture in the living room and in the bedroom. In the bright living room, the HUAWEI P40 Pro managed to capture all the tiny details of the action figures, while giving the background a slight bokeh.

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Surprisingly, the camera was able to pick up most of the details in a dark room. It also automatically brightened the entire photo, so you can't even tell the lights were off.

With HUAWEI's improved OIS + AIS image stabilisation, you can take clear hand held shots in low light settings. But for the clearest photos, you can always try using a tripod to support your HUAWEI P40 Pro.

3. One of the most impressive features was the zoom function, which captured clear details even at 10x zoom

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What's really cool about the HUAWEI P40 Pro is the zoom function, with 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x maximum zoom. I tried zooming into one of the buildings in the distance, and the results were pretty amazing.

I started off with the wide camera, which is great for taking scenery or environment shots. Then, I tried 5x zoom, and the photo looked just as clear as any other photo.

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At 10x zoom, the rooftop and trees were still visible and clear. While the lighting and colours were not as vibrant as the first wide shot, it's still pretty impressive how much detail the phone managed to retain.

At 50x zoom, the picture became slightly pixelated as expected. Nonetheless, the phone actually managed to pick up what I couldn't even notice with my bare eyes.

4. Besides that, the Golden Snap feature uses AI capabilities to help you capture the best moments at home

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AI Remove Reflection: As seen in the picture above, this feature reduces reflection in the window or glass, helping you come up with a cleaner, more refined photo.

AI Best Moment: When you take shots of people moving, the phone will detect posture and expression features. Then, it will take a 4K moving picture and recommend up to three of the best shots.

AI Remove Passerby: Ever get annoyed when your perfect photo gets photobombed by your siblings or housemate? This feature lets you remove people in the background with just one tap.

5. The selfie camera can also take amazing timelapse videos in 4K quality

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While the HUAWEI P40 Pro has a powerful rear camera setup, there are times when you just prefer to use the selfie camera, like when you want to take a video of yourself cooking at home. With the selfie camera, you can take high quality 4K videos in 60fps. You can also use the timelapse features to come up with cool selfie videos like this one.

Besides its photography capabilities, the HUAWEI P40 series also helps you stay connected with MeeTime

HUAWEI MeeTime is a video call feature that allows you to have stable audio and high resolution video performance with other HUAWEI devices. The best part is that it works well even in low light settings or with weak network conditions.

Although you and your family may be far apart, MeeTime brings you close together, as if there's no distance between you. With the screen sharing function, you can even experience fun moments together, like shopping online or teaching your parents how to use their phone step by step.

For those of who are working from home, the action camera and fisheye conferencing camera system will also allow you to enjoy immersive calling, different point-of-views, and more productive meetings.

All in all, after testing out the phone firsthand, I must say the HUAWEI P40 series is definitely one of the best smartphones in photography and connectivity

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For me, the most surprising feature was how well the HUAWEI P40 Pro performed in low light, whether it was on the camera or through the MEETime video call feature. With this phone, you'll definitely be able to capture your best moments as you #StayAtHome.

You can also keep yourself entertained with all the awesome apps on the HUAWEI AppGallery

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The HUAWEI AppGallery features most of Malaysians' favourite apps like Lazada, TikTok, iflix, Telegram, and Shopee. Whether you're looking for online shopping, fitness apps, social media, or mobile games, HUAWEI AppGallery has got you covered.

Besides that, you can access various apps like McDonald's, WhatsApp, and Netflix without downloading it, which saves more space. Thanks to Quick Apps, you can use these apps online whenever you want to.

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In addition, when you buy the HUAWEI P40 series, you'll get to claim free 50GB HUAWEI Cloud storage for one year. You can also head over to the HUAWEI Member Center to claim rewards worth more than RM2,381! Besides that, you'll get to enjoy HUAWEI Video premium access for three months. 

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For those of you working from home, HUAWEI Share will also help you be productive with multi-screen collaboration

Connect your HUAWEI P40 series with your other HUAWEI devices and tablets for a more efficient workflow. With multi-screen collaboration, you can also do more things at once, making you more productive as you work from home.

You can own the HUAWEI P40 series today by ordering from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you'll even get to enjoy amazing freebies worth over RM690!

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Here are the freebies you get to enjoy when you purchase the HUAWEI P40 series:

HUAWEI P40 Pro: Wireless Car SuperCharge, Cloud storage 50GB (Valid for 12 months), one-year extended warranty, and one-month screen protection.

HUAWEI P40: Wireless Charging Case, Cloud storage 50GB (Valid for 12 months), one-year extended warranty, and one-month screen protection.

Get the all-new HUAWEI P40 series, the best smartphone in photography and connectivity. Visit their online store to find out more!

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