This Interactive Live Series Features Celebrities Sherson Lian, DOLLA, Jaasuzuran & More

Each episode will stream live on the Lazada app from 25 to 29 July, 9pm to 10pm.

Cover image via Sherson Lian (Facebook) , Universal Music Malaysia , Jaasuzuran (Facebook)

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E-commerce platform Lazada recently launched LazLive+, a curated interactive live content series featuring some of your favourite local personalities, yasss!

Image via Lazada

From 25 to 29 July, 9pm to 10pm daily, shoppers can watch LazLive+ episodes for free simply by tuning in through their Lazada app.

The series will connect shoppers with new ideas and experts from all walks of life, through cooking demonstrations, styling know-how, gaming tips, fitness motivation, and more.

Keep an eye out for Malaysian celebrity chef Sherson Lian who will add flavour to life, beauty guru Tasnim Shah who will add joy to life, gaming champion Jaasuzuran who will add adventure to life, fitness master Jordan Yeoh who will add power to life, and well-loved female pop group sensation Dolla that will add music to life.

What's cool is that shoppers can interact in real-time with their favourite Malaysian celebs through voting and chat functions

And there's more, shoppers will get to enjoy exclusive deals on top of the entertainment, woah!

All in all, LazLive+ is the perfect representation of Lazada's new brand proposition, "Add to Cart. Add to Life."

Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in adoption of e-commerce across Malaysia and even Southeast Asia. In fact, Lazada recognises that shoppers aren't just looking to buy products for functional uses, but are seeking out exciting content and the latest trends while shopping online.

"Add to Card. Add To Life." reflects the brand's belief that e-commerce can add to the lives of consumers by inspiring meaningful connections and memorable experiences with their purchases.

Image via Lazada

According to Lazada Group's Chief Marketing Officer, Marcus Chew, shopping is more than buying a product.

"For us, it's not just about buying a pan; it's about owning a pan to add amazing flavours to a delicious meal for loved ones. Likewise, it's not just about buying a skipping rope; it's about adding fitness and health to one’s daily routine.

"Whether it’s a new hobby, honing a skill, creating a more comfortable home or a new look with a style makeover, every product on Lazada has the potential to be the launchpad for enhancing abilities and value-adding to our consumers' lives," he said.

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