Looking For The "Perfect One"? This App Slides Into Your DMs Each Time You Get A Job Match

Find your "perfect match" without even having to look for it! ;P

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Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left... Ooo, swipe right! <3

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If only looking for a job match could be as easy as just the swipe of a finger. :')

Unfortunately, for most of us, looking for a job is even harder than finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, amirite?

Sometimes, just finding a suitable job match can take forever.

If you've ever gone on a job hunt, you'll understand how tiring the process can be. It's almost like looking for a needle in a haystack — and if you manage to find it, there's still no guarantee that it's the right match.

For jobseekers who are still working, it can be really inconvenient to just find time to sit down and look for jobs

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Most days, you're already in the office from nine to five (plus hour-long traffic jams to work and back). It's not like you can use your working hours to apply for jobs elsewhere, so that's half your day usually gone.

By the time you get home, you still need to take care of your family, do chores, and get clean.

When you finally have a few moments to yourself, the last thing you want to do is to scroll through job listings — you'd much rather prefer to be scrolling on Instagram or TikTok to unwind.

Even for full-time jobseekers, the whole process can be a hassle

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First of all, you have to spend hours just sifting through thousands of potential listings on job search platforms. Out of those thousands, only a handful of jobs may be suitable for you.

And it doesn't mean that you immediately get the jobs you apply for. Sometimes, you apply just a day late and the spot is already filled. Other times, you don't get the job because you're not a match.

After a few rounds of searching and applying, it can get pretty stressful and draining.

But what if we told you there was a better way?

In fact, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for a notification to pop up on your phone, telling you that you've got a match! :O

Enter JobStreet's mobile app, the easiest way for you to get your ideal job match.

It's as simple as creating a dating profile, but this time, you're creating your job profile hehe. All you have to do is download JobStreet's mobile app, register and key in the criteria for jobs you're looking for, and click 'Enable Notifications'. Next, the app will automatically give you a ping and "slide into your DMs" whenever you get a job match, woohoo!

After getting a notification, it's completely up to you if you wanna pursue it further. ;P

P.S. It's good to go check out your potential employer's profile too before actually applying.

Now, even if you're busy with work or lazy to go through thousands of listings, you can still get paired with a potential job match, yayy!

The great thing is that you'll get a notification any time there's a job match, which means you won't miss out on your potential job. In fact, as soon as you see the notification, you can immediately apply for the job through the JobStreet app, which means you'll be higher up on the list of applicants.

During days when you have no time, you can take five minutes to glance through the list of notifications before going to bed. And whenever you feel that special connection, go ahead and apply for it. Who knows, your "perfect match" might be waiting! <3

Lastly, the great thing about this feature on JobStreet's mobile app is that it gives you time to focus on things that matter, like upskilling yourself and building your resume

JobStreet wants to help you not only land that dream job, but also progress in your career and become successful. One of the ways to achieve that is by constantly improving yourself and equipping yourself with the right knowledge.

That's why JobStreet offers a tonne of free resources on their website, from career planning and job hunting, to work-life balance and wellbeing.

For instance, those applying for a job or going for an interview can refer to JobStreet's Career Tools, which include:
- Interview practice tool
- Cover letter and resume templates
- Salary calculator tool
- Career development planner
- Transferable skills checklist

Ready to find that "perfect match" and explore new career opportunities? Download JobStreet on the App Store or Google Play today!

Or, visit JobStreet's website for the latest career resources.

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