International Author Warns Public Not To Befriend, Date, Or Marry Gamers

He says that gamers aren't only deceiving other people, but themselves too.

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"Video games give young men the illusion of accomplishment without the risk"

According to Ali A. Rizvi, a Pakistani-Canadian author — gamers are taking the easy way out.

Rizvi detailed his thoughts on gaming and its negative effect on men in a Facebook post on 15 July. He notes that it's offensive to men such as himself to associate gaming to modern masculinity.

He also stressed that video games enable people to fake achievement and traditional masculine success because they are too lazy to do it in real life.

Rizvi is best known as a secular humanist writer and podcaster, while also being a columnist for the Huffington Post.

He believes that all the success and investment people make in games ultimately boil down to nothing

A lot of his criticism stems from the fact that gaming "isn't real". In his Facebook post, he proceeds to relate certain aspects of video games to real-life activities and accomplishments.

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It appears he believes that a lot of the things you have to work hard for in real life to accomplish, you can do so easily in games — which defeats the purpose of the lessons that can be learned through those challenges. 

A user took to ask why he had such strong feelings about gamers

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It would seem that Rizvi has had experience interacting with various gamers on top of stories he's heard from various women in his life regarding their behaviour, which shaped his current opinion on them. 

In the comments section, there were some who supported Rizvi's statement

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However, others did not agree

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Rizvi ended his post with a warning to all not to get close to gamers

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Personally, we don't believe in generalisations

The international author is entitled to his opinion because of his experiences — but that doesn't mean he should generalise the entire gaming community.

Gaming itself is an activity that is used for many purposes, from winding down after a long day to even making a living for some people.

Enjoying games doesn't make you an irresponsible person — neglecting your responsibilities does. Balance is key in everything.

Rizvi made the controversial comment on Facebook, which you can find here. 

Ali A. Rizvi did not immediately respond to requests for further comments.

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