Don't Know Where To Makan? This New App Will Tell You Where To Eat Based On Your Mood

No more discussing "where to eat?" for an hour before you decide!

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You know that geram feeling when you're hungry but don't know what to eat so you ask someone, "What you wanna eat?" and it ends up making things worse?

Ya, of course you know. Where to eat? I don't know. Anything. No, I don't want that. Where YOU want to eat? I don't know, you decide. Anything...

It's the age-old question that has plagued our existence since the beginning of time.

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Ok, that's super dramatic. But the good news is that IPC Shopping Centre's app now has a feature that helps offer suggestions on where to eat based on your mood!

In collaboration with the music streaming app Spotify, the IPC Shopping Centre app has a really cool feature called The Mood Menu.

The Mood Menu analyses your recent playback history to track your current mood. Then the app matches food to your mood and suggests places to eat and drink at IPC Shopping Centre.

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So, if the app determines that you're feeling happy, it will suggest places to get food that is more sour and less sweet :)

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Meanwhile if you're feeling sleepy, the app will suggest a great place to have a cup of coffee; if you're in love, somewhere to indulge your sweet tooth; and loads of other moods too!

Check out all the yummy places we were recommended to try out to complement our happy mood:

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The best part is that you can screenshot the suggestions to redeem special discounts from selected restaurants

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Here are some of the restaurants that you can get freebies and discounts from with your Mood Menu suggestions:

- Nando's: One FREE 1/4 chicken with two sides, with purchase of three sets of 1/4 chicken with two sides
- Noodle Shack: 20% off all items
- Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul: 15% off à la carte items
- Bread Story: 15% off on normal priced items
- Magnum Café: 15% off à la carte items
- Hana Japanese Dining: 15% off total bill
- Dome: RM9.90 for a slice of cake
- Starbucks: 15% off for a Frappuccino 
- And many more!

Check out all the offers and promos on IPC Shopping Centre's website.

The Mood Menu was created together with Professor Robin Dando from Cornell University, with insights from his landmark 2015 study as the basis of the Mood Menu’s ‘food and mood matching’ algorithm

Professor Dando hails from the world renown Department of Food Science in Cornell University. His most famous paper, published in the scientific journal 'Appetite', found that human moods have the ability to inhibit or accentuate sweet, salty, bitter, sour, or umami (savoury) flavours. According to his work, our taste perception changes based on many factors, including our emotional responses to pleasant and unpleasant real-life events.

For example, Professor Dando's study found that positive emotions enhance your sweet tooth.

Science aside, it's cool to have an app suggest places to eat based on the music you've been listening to. 

In addition to The Mood Menu, the IPC Shopping Centre app also contains a store guide, parking information, latest promotions, and members-only promotions

On top of that, they'll also be offering FREE Wi-Fi throughout the shopping centre starting from now onwards.

With the app, you can now seamlessly connect to the free Wi-Fi for the whole day.*

Interested to see how the magic works? Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free to try it out yourself. 

Get more info on the app here!

Never stress out on where to eat next! Get more info on The Mood Menu now.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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