Have You Tried The New 100PLUS Drink Yet?

It's the lowest sugar carbonated drink!

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Having a cold bottle of 100PLUS after a busy day is the most satisfying feeling ever

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But it's more than just an isotonic drink. Its unique flavour and taste make it a popular drink among Malaysians, and we even have it with our meals!

To help Malaysians consume less sugar, 100PLUS released the NEW 100PLUS Reduced Sugar

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The 100PLUS Reduced Sugar has only 4g of sugar per 100ml, which has 33% less sugar than the 100PLUS Original. The new drink does not contain any artificial sweetener, and is said to be the lowest sugar carbonated isotonic drink.

This way, you can continue to refresh and rehydrate with the popular isotonic drink after your daily activities.

100PLUS had recently reduced all their drinks' sugar content to less than 6g per 100ml

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The isotonic drink also announced earlier this year that all 100PLUS drinks - including Lemon Lime, Berry, and Orange - will only have below 6g of sugar per 100ml. They have also been awarded the Healthier Choice Logo by the Ministry of Health. 

Great news for you 100PLUS fans!

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Grab a bottle of NEW 100PLUS Reduced Sugar from your nearest store now!

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